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“Hush, waiting.” The girl by dre beats 1.8 put his finger to his lips. She climbed to the top careful listen to a ladder, the door was taken over
Sound, and the germans and the other guy want to squeeze in.
Annette the small voice say:
“They will think you still in it, they couldn’t hear the voice of the Conrad, the door is too thick.”
“I thought you can hear the sound of the room?”
“There is a peephole, can see the next room, can you guess is so smart.
But they won’t think of, they too are anxious to go in. ”
“Yes, look here–
“To me.” She bent forward to, to his ghd straightener cheap surprise, tommy saw Annette put a plunge in prison following end
A large pot of a crack on the handle. She arranged for very well. She turned to tommy said:
“You have the key to the door that?”
“Give me the key.”
Tommy put the key to her.
“I’ll go down. You can hide in the stairs back down? So they won’t see you.”
Tommy nodded.