Best Manage the Conflict and Change

Conflict is almost guaranteed to occur during any change project initiative. Responding to this conflict appropriately is vital to overall project success.

No matter how well-planned a project or business change initiative may seem to be prior to implementation, conflict between two or more key stakeholders is likely to occur at one point or another. It is the responsibility of any Change Agent to appropriately mediate this conflict as it occurs in order to maintain the integrity of the project while ensuring ultimate success in its implementation ore beneficiation. As a professional and the best mining machinery manufacturer in China, Hongxing Machinery is always ready to provide the superior Raymond mill with the best quality and the most competitive price.

First and Foremost: Remember Conflict Can Be Healthy: Whenever one hears the mention of ‘conflict’, especially in the professional world, feelings of anger, fear, anxiety or worry often creep into their minds. Understanding that not all conflict has to be negative or painful is the first step in appropriately responding to a tense situation. In most circumstances, the appearance of conflict allows the Change Agent to identify the source of disagreement loud and clear in real-time.

Seeing the area of disagreement front-and-center allows the Change Agent to facilitate any project group toward a solution rather than struggling to discover the source of disagreement blindly. In other words, conflict can take the guessing out of answering ‘what problem do we have?’ or ‘why are we meeting in the first place?’

No Matter the Topic, Conflict and Change Coexist: Assuming that a project can move toward completion without a moment of conflict is truly a fool’s errand. The majority of employees and leadership at any business commonly regard conflict as being disruptive and that it should be avoided at all costs. This is simply impossible.sand maker:http://www.hx-crushers.com/p39.html
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Conflict is expected and desired when implementing change and continuous improvement in any context, either personal or professional. Without conflict, there simply would be no need to change anything, ever. It is because conflict exists that change is both needed and possible to achieve with the proper planning and key stakeholder buy-in.

When the Going Gets Tough, Take a Moment to Reflect: Not all stakeholders on a project team will ‘play nicely’ all of the time. Conflicts are still sources of disagreement among two parties, so negativity can still rear its ugly head every so often. When the atmosphere of a project becomes a little too negative, it is the responsibility of the Change Agent to recognize when a time out or recess may be needed.

Taking a step back from a project for an afternoon, day, or even a full week may be necessary in some cases. This does not mean that the project team is unable to work together, of course. Instead, this should be seen as a means to regroup and remind all team members why they are working on a project in the first place: to reach a common goal and to implement a new idea.

Conflict and change go hand-in-hand. Without one, the other simply cannot exist. Knowing what is causing the ‘pain’ within a business helps any project team better understand where to focus their efforts and how change should look once implemented.