B And C Foreign Car: Offering Quality & Reliable Service to Your Volvo, BMW and Mercedes at Ventura, California

Ventura, California: The adventure and glamour offered by European designer cars cannot be substituted ever. But how many people have the capacity to continue using these high-end cars with their high cost of repair and service? Or how many of them have the access to maintenance, repair and service? Ventura County has got the fortune to cater all the needs and expectations of the pride owners of Volvo, BMW and Mercedes. B&C Foreign Car service is the ultimate destination to carry out auto repair very economically and reliably.

Company History:
B&C Foreign Car Service was incorporated in 1975 in the Ventura County of California. The company has been in the business of providing speedy and reliable auto repair and service of foreign cars since the year of its establishment. The company is operating at Ventura alone. Its long tradition of more than 37 years and expertise in handling European made cars has been the main reason why one should choose B&C to take care of their luxury cars. The company also has the history of a complete destruction and rising from the ashes in 1996 after a fire mishap.

It is the customer outreach that helped the company to rebuild and regain its status and symbol after the accident. Unlike the most chain repair shops and dealers, B and C insist on caring their customers as their own family.

“Our Philosophy is about trust. We’re honest and polite with everyone. Our customer-service philosophy is simple: we treat people the way we’d like to be treated. We firmly believe if you do that, you’ll be successful.” – says the website.

Today the auto repair and servicing has gone more automatic and sci-fi. The elite technicians present are highly qualified and experienced and also the workers here are undergoing training and performance improvement program on a regular basis. The highlight of B&C foreign Car services is that it uses the most modern computer diagnostic technologies to aid in detection of faults in cars so that the customer benefits the same as from a BMW or Mercedes Benz factory repair. The company provides only OEM parts and original suppliers for repair. Do all the auto repair and service companies recycle all the spent oils and fluids? B&C value environment and sustainability too, unlike others.

About BandCForeignCar.com
BandCForeignCar.com is one of the most reputed companies in California, dealing with repair and service of foreign cars. The company has sustained over a period of 3 decades and still shows growth.

If you are looking for a reliable foreign car services in Ventura, California, B&C Foreign car Service is just a call away at 805-643-9029 or visit http://bandcforeigncar.com for more information.


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