Air Yeezy II creates the new movement process

Air Yeezy II creates the new movement process; it wills Nike for back on the athletic brings the classical breakthrough and outstanding performance and beautiful perfect confluence, thus attention.

Nike Air Yeezy II every design element throughout all show the science and technology and innovation and. The breath of a wild handiwork cut snake leather covered a quarter of the vamp, and Vac-Tech technology makes Nike Logo. Shoe models stab her design inspiration originates from lizards,Nike Air Yeezy and the same with the echo is the sting of design for lock at the foot’s magic stick.

Nike Air Yeezy II design inspiration comes from the original of Nike Air Yeezy this double of the 20 th century reference 80 s basketball shoes innovation work of the foundation. Nike Air Yeezy II used the Nike Air TechChallenge II of the tennis shoes outside, and with modeling magic stick front, in order to classic Nike cross-border training shoes salute.

Nike Air Yeezy II has incomparable performance, and extra padding has been removed, GuoJiao shoes tongue and hair quality can bring to the foot shoes mouth full of comfort and permeability. A perfect fit is the essence of shoes design, so in the design tries to Nike Air YeezyII than the first generation of Air Yeezy shoes type more slender, Kanye West and full compliance with the foot.Womens Air Yeezys And lower shoes and sports mouth more flexible.

The persistent pursuit of material Nike the final achievement Nike Air Yeezy II, it will be costly synthetic leather, firm the bulletproof nylon and soft grinding flocking skin together. Low-key but rich details of the design derive the ancient culture, including a pictographic wen “YZY” magic stick inside; Israel JianShi tower shape for the two head inspiration shoelaces metal straps; Air Jordan 3 Light Using the snake elements of the material and shoes eyes with Roman numerals “II” of the cortex to buckle.

White gold and black paragraph of Nike Air Yeezy II since June 9 on designated Kanye West Louis Vuitton shop set limit to issues around the world.