Advantages of short run and on print on demand book printing

Anyone who has ever engaged in book printing knows only too well how costly it can be especially if you go the traditional way and do offset printing. Having to pay upfront to print a whole store of books while cheaper in the long run, can be very strenuous. What is more, there is no guarantee that your book will sell well in the market so you could end with a whole store of books and no profits. Additionally, some others write on dynamically changing topics and need to revise their books every now and then. In such a case, offset printing just won’t work and short run o print on demand book printing comes in handy.
Short run and print on demand book printing work on basically the same principle which is producing books in low quantities. For short run printing, a few copies of the book are printed digitally and used to test the market. Print on demand book printing is also carried out digitally. The book files are submitted to the printing company which saves a digital copy of the book to run any time there is an order.
The major advantages of these two methods include;
Less capital required: Overall, the unit cost per book for short run and print on demand printing ends up being higher because books are not produced en masse. However, the production of smaller quantities of books is beneficial to the author because it commits less money when starting out. This reduces the start up cost of what is an already costly enough venture for the author.
Less risky: Producing books in smaller quantities, is a safer way of playing the book printing field. When you release a few copies, you are able to test the market and see whether your book will do well. You can then take the feedback from the market and make necessary changes to your manuscript before printing the next few copies of books. This way, you are able to perfect your book without spending too much and hence realize profits.
There is less chance of waste: Most information nowadays changes dynamically and there is need for new editions of books every now and then. When you opt for the short run or print on demand book printing, you reduce the chance of ending up with obsolete books, should you need to edit your information before you have sold out all your previous edition copies.
Faster turnaround: Printing a single copy or a few copies of a book generally takes a shorter time than the traditional offset printing of books en masse. Also, the time taken to set up the digital runs for print on demand and short run printing is shorter. This means that the book will be in your target audience’s hands much faster and profits will start being realized as fast.
When it comes to book printing, you will definitely be playing it safer with short run and print on demand printing. All you need to do is get a reputable printing company to do the job for you for quality purposes.