Acronis Provides Easy And Secured Backup Solutions

UK, 08th June 2012 – When it comes to professional, reliable and easy to access backup solutions, Acronis stands tall in meeting client requirements with utmost dedication. Our stream of satisfied clientele stands proof to our commitment to excellence. Whether you are running a small or medium business doesn’t matter because Acronis backup and data recovery solutions are custom made according to individual scenarios. Store your vital data and information in individual workstations, virtual or cloud environments, wherever you like besides having the freedom to retrieve them with ease!



Ease of access and secured backup is what Acronis specializes at! We are the best when it comes to providing online data recovery solutions where you can store large amount of files based on your requirement at an affordable price range. Our Acronis software is reliable, fast and secure which can meet the growing demands of large businesses by providing centralized backup solutions where all the stored items can be accessed virtually from any other machine within the circle. The recovery platform is easy to use with a friendly interface that you can make use of when required.


A range of services is being offered by Acronis including but not limited to backup and recovery, data management, virtual machine backup besides software like Image home which clients can use to take exact image of their functioning machine in order to replace it within the shortest possible time in time of crash. The virtual machine can be shifted to any other server of your choice at any point of time and we provide customer assistance throughout the clock to help you out with maximum business uptime.



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Luqman Qadir is a writer from London UK, that writes about backup and disaster recovery and has written and published several useful award winning articles about VMware backup, Acronis Backup Germany is world leader that provides complete backup and disaster recovery solutions, their backup and disaster recovery systems are sold in over 185 countries and are available in 20 plus languages.



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