A Tickler File For Sales And Networking

If you are involved in sales, fundraising or simply an active networker, you have probably tried a variety of tools to manage your get in touch with list and remind your self to stay in touch with all of the prospects and individuals you meet. This tickler file is developed to be an low-cost, efficient, tool that could be made use of by salespeople inside a selection of different forms of organizations.

This tickler file makes use of low-cost index cards plus a very simple file box. You’ll need the following items to create your personal index card sales tool. I found every little thing I required at my neighborhood workplace provide retailer. The total cost was around $25.00.

– A box to store the index cards
– Monthly 3″ by 5″ index tabs
– Daily (1-31) 3″ by 5″ index tabs
– Alphabetical 3″ by 5″ index tabs
– A ton of white ruled 3″ by 5″ index cards (you do not will need a photo, right)
– A bunch of colored 3″ by 5″ index cards (choose your preferred color)
– A small case to carry your in your pocket

When you may have bought the needed supplies, you could organize your 3X5. For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume that you are assembling your 3X5 on January 1st. If this is the case you’d 1st organize your tabs inside the order beneath (front to back):

– January tab
– Each day tabs 1-31
– February – December monthly tabs
– A-Z alphabetical tabs
– Blank index cards – white and your preferred color

All of your cards should now be within the file box and also the very first thing you must see may be the January tab.

Next, you must get started making cards for the leads. Within the starting, this is going to take some time (assuming you may have a great deal of leads). You may select to utilize a single color card for prospects, one particular color for buyers, an additional for individual contacts, and so on. Should you usually are not going to organize your contacts by color, you can only need white cards. Nonetheless, you are able to either copy your contacts facts onto the cards or simply staple their business card to one of the index cards.

The method functions like this.

Let’s envision it can be January 1st. and you attend a networking event exactly where you meet a possible client. You get this lead’s company card in the event and you would like to make contact with him/her on the 2nd., so if you get to your office, you staple the leads business enterprise card to a white index card and drop it behind the “2” tab then go property for the day. Soon after all, it is actually new years day and you’ve got been operating hard to make your new sales system and you attended a networking occasion.

So, you arrive at work on January 2nd. and open up your tickler file. The very first factor it is best to do is move the “1” tab back behind the February tab. You may generally be rolling the method forward like this, in order that the initial tab you see inside the box represents by far the most current month, then essentially the most existing day.
Now, you visit the tab for at this time (Jan 2nd.) and locate the card for the lead which you met in the networking occasion yesterday. You contact the lead and understand that he/she is out of town until January 6th. so you make a note which says, “1/2/05 – Mr. Lead is on vacation till 1/6”. Now you drop the card behind the “6” tab for the month of January.

You will continue to roll this lead forward inside the technique, creating notes at every step, until the lead either turns into a client or asks you to leave them alone.

When the lead turns into a consumer, I staple their enterprise card to a colored card and location it behind the proper alphabetical tab. If their is yet another opportunity with this client, I move the colored card back towards the dated section and move them via the method once more.

Not surprisingly, as you add a lot more people today for your pipeline, you may not get to get in touch with absolutely everyone on the day you might have them slotted for. Just move them towards the subsequent day’s slot in the finish with the current day so you get in touch with them tomorrow.

You might not choose to carry around an enormous metal box full of index cards, which can be why you would like to possess a smaller index card wallet or box, so in case you are going to become on the road or out in the workplace, you may simply grab your cards for the day and go.
Not just for salespeople.

Though the system is great for salespeople, it also is a fantastic tool for all those of us who’re focusing on networking. I actually use three various colored cards and use white for leads, blue for clientele and red for my networking contacts (patriotic, I know). On the red cards, I write either 7, 14, 30, 45, 60, and so on inside the upper correct hand corner on the index card to remind myself how regularly I wish to get in touch with the person, so I basically move the card forward depending on the quantity on the card. If I would like to speak to a person each and every seven days, I move the card ahead per week following I make make contact with.

I hope this method operates properly for you personally. When you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to send them to me via my website (http://www.stephenlabuda.com).

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