Wondershare Data Recovery Declares to be One-Stop Solution for all Lost Windows Data

May 09 , Shenzhen (China): The Windows users worrying about their lost data can finally relax-our sources report of Wondershare Data Recovery software which claims to be the absolute solution for Windows data recovery. The software is being developed and launched by the Chinese software firm Wondershare.

“We have designed out really smart data recovery software for our Windows users which promise to be a credible assistance for any lost data. Our Windows Data recovery software is equipped to retrieve data extensively which would comprise of different file formats and text documents, snaps, videos, audio files, images and more”, reveals Wondershare while explaining about its new launch for the Windows clients. The Wondershare Data Recovery software has been reported to restore more than 550 distinct file formats.

Our sources enquired about the recovery modes to be taken by the very software. The software is said to be working with 4 modes such as- “Wizard recovery to get lost files through answering security queries, lost file restoration which finds deleted and formatted files with authentic file name/path, partition data recovery to get back lost or corrupted partitions and raw recovery which follows deep scanning”, Wondershare analyzed. The software is further reported to restore all forms of data from computer’s hard drive plus from exterior hard drives, cell phones, USB drives, iPods, digital cameras and many other media storage.

We even asked the Chinese software firm regarding the operational aspects of the Windows Data recovery software. The data recovery software developed by the agency is a breeze to use, our sources find. “Our data restoration software does not ask for any high end technical skills and anybody with simple basic computer knowledge can work with it. Besides one can stop it any time and resume again”, discloses Wondershare further. In addition the company promises of a risk-free operation, regardless of data loss factor.

Besides, the Wondershare Data Recovery Software enables the Windows users of a free offer where the customers are getting 100MB file recovery entirely free of charges, we find. The customers can get the software from the Wondershare site only. Presently the site is found to be offering the Wondershare Data Recovery software at around 29.95 USD.

About Wondershare: Wondershare is a Shenzen based consumer software developer and publisher. Their wide range of products includes video software, computer utilities, data protection tools, PDF tools, and audio/video editing software that enhances the performance of PC’s.