TrailerChix to Help 11 Million Discover the Road to the Simple Life

Portland, Oregon, May 26, 2012 – TrailerChix’ editors and video production team will launch an 18 day road trip covering 1,800 miles August 17 through September 3, 2012 to demonstrate how one can live fabulously in a small eco friendly footprint.

TrailerChix.com, a lifestyle e-magazine focused on the millions of women and men who aspire to live in small footprints without giving up glamour and elegance, will kick off their viewer interactive 18-day trip in Lund, Canada on August17 and will end in Hollywood, California along Highway 101 on September 3, 2012.

TrailerChix’ editorial and video production teams will produce over 60 short videos covering DIY, technology, cooking, design, travel, and entertainment. Videos will be aired on broadcast TV and streamed across the web.

The 101 Roll is sponsored in part by consumer products groups who feel their product can meet the demands of this $171 billion dollar industry. “We are being very selective”, said Lissa Forsterer, Senior VP Sales and Marketing. “Obviously we have limited space, but more importantly we have to be very sensitive to what fits and meets the needs of this growing lifestyle. Our readers look to us to do the heavy lifting and source products and services that seamlessly meet their needs”.

“If there is one take away from the past few years, it’s that people want more control over their lives. They want more opportunities to be their authentic selves.” said Shelah Johnson, editor in chief. “We are seeing an increase in full-timers living year round in travel trailers, tiny houses, floating homes, sail boats, refabs, like the popular shipping container conversions – anything that supports our growing eco and social sensitivities. These small footprints give people a much needed sense of freedom and independence. But that does not mean they want to give up design or good food as décor and cuisine is very much part of the conversation. Our goal is to show them they can live a great style while living green.”

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TrailerChixSM LLC is an independent media company and is not affiliated with any manufacturer, business, product or association in or outside of the recreational industry. Its sole purpose is to foster fabulous living in small eco-friendly footprints.