The Walkie Talkie Store has even more products for its customers

That great online store in New York which has been providing two way radio sets for 10 years is offering even more deals to for its customers. The core business is still selling Walkie Talkies and other two way radios as permitted as legal. Obviously this means that if your requirements will be satisfied by using only channels 8 – 14 no license is required as these are the FRS channels. (Family Radio Service). There are some restrictions as to the output of FRS radios (0.5w) and it must have a fixed antennae that is not interchangeable.

GMRS channels (General Mobile Radio Service on UHF) require a licence. The current License fee is About $85 and it is valid for 5 years and permits the licensee and his family members to communicate. (Employees would need to obtain a separate license). Once licensed a GMRS set can be up to 5watt and use any antenna they wanted to thus extending the range from about 2 miles up to 30 (This isn’t a reliable range as atmospherics and natural features may interfere. Line of site is a reliable estimate.)

Anyway there is a vast range of walkie talkies from the Yaesu, Kenwood and Motorola models through to the Puxing and Wouxun brand names.

Prices are reflected accordingly as a Yeasu model will cost more than a Quangsheng with the same specifications. The website gives a full description of each model on offer including all the specifications frequencies and power outputs.

Family Radio Service is fine for very short range work with a maximum range of 3 km. If one is thinking of getting a 2 way radio set then it is best to analyze the uses it is to be put to before buying as you might find yourself severely limited if you purchase FRS only and find that you are losing signal as the other party goes out of range or into a building etc.

But walkie talkies are not the only thing they do. They have been extending their range over the years and their new range now includes a large range of computer and laptop spares and accessories. These include a large range of ac adapters for laptops. As one may well know the laptop ac adapter is a necessary part of the machine as each model is fairly unique in its dc requirements and most computer makers have specified different voltage inputs at different amps for their models and thus have installed different plugs.

It is critical to use the correct laptop ac adapter as an error can destroy the motherboard. There are many so called universal models on the market but one must be very careful about using them. If the amps supplied are too low the battery won’t get correctly charged and may well get damaged. If too high as mentioned the extra current may short out and burn components on the motherboard.

So if you are in need of a laptop ac adapter check out the website.

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