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Today, financial news, economic analysis and policy, as well as market trends and banking regulations are not just for the eyes and ears of the economists or financial analysts, but have become essential for each and every individual concerned with the stability of his or her financial future. The Spellman Report has acknowledge the need for a place where issues like the banking crisis or the housing and mortgage expansion or the current trends in economy can be thoroughly explained, dissected and conclusion can be drawn. economic news now have an immediate and real impact on every day’s life, so make use of this powerful tool and keep yourself updated with what is going on in the world and your country, by reading The Spellman Report, the most comprehensive financial blog online! Get a fresh perspective on things, read the latest news and put to use the accurate financial analysis provided by The Spellman Report, as information is power and the more issues you understand and know, the better decisions you can make regarding your investments, handling of funds and many more such aspects. The Spellman Report caters to all people with a vested interest in market theory, applied economics, macro finances and their implications and effects.

Everything from market trends, stock market fluctuations and investment climate to the impact of foreign debt and the sustainability of the supply side, you can read about, discuss about and learn about in The Spellman Report. The blog perfectly mirrors Dr Spellman’s wide academic experience, providing well structured articles, with rich, but easy to understand content, and with a great coverage of topics and subjects of interest, from financial news to a prospectus for economic policies. Being part of the Finance Department of the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas in Austin and also of the faculty of Stanford University, the LBJ School of Public Affairs, the UT School of Law and the University of California, Berkeley, Professor Lewis Spellman has been making use of in-depth economic analysis and research for more than 30 years, delivering a competent view of the financial markets, the economic policies,a s well as the logical reasoning that underwent the decisions made by authorities regarding the adoption of a certain policy and the regulations involved.

The economic news delivered by The Spellman Report are accompanied by extensive financial analysis, which can be a powerful tool, especially for people investing in the stock market or activating in the field of finances or in the banking system. However, The Spellman Report aims at making all people aware of the great significance that the global and national economy has in today’s world and how important it is to keep yourself informed.

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