The Key to Greater and Comfortable Cooking

Good Cooking is relatively easy especially to those who have the passion for creating sumptuous dishes and recipes. But when it comes to Great Cooking, it takes more than ingredients, passion and skill. It needs the right set of tools as well.

But despite the fun in creating and preparing mouth watering dishes, the humid temperature of the kitchen is hard to ignore even for world class chefs. Your sweat will get you soaked to the bone especially when ovens, boilers and grills go full blast. And although there are exhaust fans and other cooling equipment, it often does not make a very big difference unless, of course, if you are working in an extremely high end and technology updated kitchen.

In alignment with today’s modern world, technology has made it possible to lessen that sauna feeling when cooking in regular kitchens with the introduction of Salvis AG Induction Cooking.

If you cook, you know that amidst the great results gas has to offer and the modern, clean and state of the art electric cooking surfaces, the capability of being able to control the heat is also equal, if not higher, in importance. With Salvis AG cookware, you get all of these.


A cool kitchen is one of the top benefits you get from Salvis AG’s Induction Cookware. It works by basically directing heat at the vessel used in cooking rather than in the surroundings. This way you get to lessen the amount of heat in the kitchen and you also garner a more efficient cooking process since you are not wasting any heat but making the most out of it instead. The product also comes with sensors that will detect how much heat is needed in the area. You can easily modify the elements of induction giving you better heat control in comparison to gas burners . When powering up the cookware, you need not worry of heating the room nor the vessel.

Salvis AG Cookware provides quality induction cooking systems that are perfectly suited for busy commercial kitchens wherein a lot of kitchen action happens. These products are of great quality and can withstand the many challenges in food preparation and cooking. Salvis AG believes that aside from providing outstanding kitchen results, being meticulous about safety and efficiency is equally essential. Thus, they have created these special cookware to also help save energy and reduce bills.