Special notice of an old Basketball Hats Caps

twelfth lunar month, the north wind summon the strength, hard blowing endlessly. White streamers .
spirit, echoing blast. Country musicians, blowing the name of a sad tone. The hoarse cries of the children, the turbidity of the tears of an old man, silently glide goes on weather-beaten face of suffering. Basketball Hats Caps.
In his regret Why did not you call the son few times? If I had Jiaoji Sheng, his son and daughter-in-law probably would not go this way.
Lying in a coffin, and his three sons and three daughter-in-law. That morning, the son and daughter-in-law run transport is very unusual, and did not get up early. He thought they were tired, there is no disturb them. , Such as when he realized what the couple has been cold cold — died of gas poisoning to
he knew the good karma of his son during his lifetime, because the running of transport for many years, more social interaction, he also heard that the son still owes foreign debt. He thought, he not broken his son’s reputation so
, his trembling, such a notices:
the paste in the coffin next to my son suddenly gas poisoning death, during his lifetime with colleagues, fellow villagers, friends more exchanges, I solemnly declare dead account immortal, all his debts, may apply by virtue of, according to find me.
Houbao silver
village sensation, this Houlao has 77-year-old senior citizens, the the Botou rich town of Jiang Zhuncun retired from township veteran. Township cadres, the wages are already relatively low, while he and his wife are suffering from heart disease, perennial medicine, to remove drugs and daily expenses, wages have been depleted. Below the knee three sons and a daughter, life is relatively tight in Pakistan. Now, but was asked to dead son carried a lot of people find it very difficult. So, advised him: This white-haired people who sent hair, sad enough, you have such a great age, the conditions are not good, but also to also account for his son, too difficult for you. Come on, son of the outstanding loans, you do not control. The
Houlao said: “a man of conscience ah, we can not do the thing dies admit I just tighten their belts, eat or drink, have to take his son’s external debt to pay off!”
Houlao resolutely to persuade the people to be more shocked, did not think he is so resolute elderly.
Son rest in peace. After the funeral dishes, some people one after another found Houlao, and the Houlao are happy to recognize the account, and also money.
Day, the son of his lifetime friend named Ma, find Houlao hesitant to say something. The elderly to see him embarrassed look, said: “What do you do me straight!” It turned out that his son during his lifetime to buy a car by him seven thousand dollars, but did not play the IOU. Listening to the elderly, do not hesitate to tell him: “all these years you both and a person like I am sure you will not lie to me the money!” Named Ma of the elderly happy, very surprised, the original, the notices of the elderly requires credential handle “Today, there is no” with “no”, according to, but it would still get the money.
After finishing more than four months of the son of a funeral in December 2009, the elderly cashing out than NT $ 20,000, the hands of the majority of people do not have credentials, “say you owe is the number of elderly people with each other “man”. Houlao said: “They are not easy, if I owed someone else’s account, my sleep is not practical. I intend to son died one year anniversary of the remaining outstanding loans repaid in full time, I was also practical. “doing business on the
village Tao Geng, who used Houlao son’s car, because the oral agreement, the year-end, so there are nearly two thousand dollars of arrears. When he heard of this thing far in the field, he immediately called to the family in a timely manner to the arrears sent to the elderly … the Caps Hats sale.
If a man does without legislation, also accounted for his father for the death of children living returned to the deceased owed, which is a kind, a continuation of good faith, at the moment, when the media flocked to, when many people contribute to the elderly, the ones who are rejected, still earnestly fulfill their commitments. This ordinary old man, practice, and validation with kindness and integrity. This, after all, such as dandelion seed, wind sow take root, will eventually be brought together into the warm love of flowers.
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