Short Messaging Service – An Overview!

Short messaging service refers to a text messaging service being provided by a network service provider. It enables exchange of data between two mobile phones or fixed landline to mobile phones. Text messages are the most widespread non voice application of mobile users.

Here are a few facets of mobile communication through texting:

Avail information:

If you were to look for a Chinese restaurant in a just landed town you can have that piece of information on your finger tips in moments by simply sending a sms to a local search engine operator and then viola you are ready for the piping hot and sour soup that you always wanted to devour.

See your voice mails:

If you are caught up in a place where speaking over the mobile is prohibited as in case of a museum, hospital, gas station you have the option to communicate through text messages or even retrieve your voice messages in the form of an sms.

SMS marketing:

Text messaging is a boon for those in the marketing field. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to boast about their services or products to any tom dick and harry. Besides marketing enthusiasts are always in a spree to find new ways of interacting with their potential customers the text message approach can reach a wider population rapidly at a meager costs.

Personal communication:

The onset of text messages leaves no room to miss someone for long. Through sms you could exchange greetings for special occasions, make apologies, build romantic relationships, make new friends, etc.

Text messaging among teens and younger adults is on the high as is evident from the fact that this genre of the population marks for frequent communication with the rest of the world and of course costs lesser than any other mode of communication. Many a love stories have been woven over text messages and almost every one of them happens during the night. Not many parents like their wards to chatter all through the night and that is when text messages come in handy. Under the duvet and over the pillow blink half eye to the world and half an eye to the phone, one falls in love. The majority of the population who find cupid through mobile phones are the teens or the adolescents and they are dependant on their parents for money to recharge their phones. In such a scenario, free sms facilities offered by portals that are prevalent over the Internet come in handy. They allow an individual to sms for free of cost and in turn register the mobile number, which they put in use for commercial advertisement activities.
You may receive text messages from the sponsors or advertisers of the portal selling their products, but that is okay, it is a fair deal, wouldn’t you say?

The sms lingo by itself is a cute language that has become the mother tongue of the new generation. One is always in the lookout for messages to forward to your friends and romantic texts to be sent to your partner/spouse. There are quite a good number of websites that hold a good collection of such messages. All one has to do is to look for it.

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