Personalised boxers: Wear fashionable and stylish personalised underwear

If you have a taste for fashion, then the Press Release by the CEO of ‘Personalized Underwear’ may interest you deeply. In a much publicized PR, the CEO of the renowned boxer manufacturing company http://personalizedunderwear.co.uk says, “We are an underwear designing company offering personalised underwear to all our clients. Using our designer tool, you can now design your own underwear in a multitude of themes and colors. Personalised boxers are quite unlike the boring ones you may be wearing right now. They have become a hit with the current generation who are hooked to fashionable garments and latest trends.”

Indeed, personalised boxers are being sported by everyone these days. Right from celebrities to commoners- everyone has got hooked to designer knickers. The CEO continues, “The great thing about our designer tool is that it helps you to test your creativity. You can design your own underwear in 3 easy steps. There are hundreds of designs, colors, images and quotes to choose from. You can design an underwear after choosing your favorite color and the most fitting design. You can also get funky quotes, cheesy lines and spicy pictures printed on them.”

If you are still sporting those uninteresting boxers, then you are living behind the times. Custom-made boxers are a rage these days and fashion-conscious people are ordering such cool knickers in large numbers.

He continues, “We are a dedicated team of underwear printing and designing company. We work diligently and honestly to give you a refreshing experience. Our underwear designer tool is a high-on-technology gadget that imbibes fun with creativity to let you design your own personalised underwear. Our printing quality is also impeccable. We make sure that all your requirements are taken into consideration while printing your self-designed underwear. Our prices are also reasonable and much lower than rival websites. You will certainly be satisfied with our printing quality.”