Nordisk Camping Gudstyr

Hejreskovvej, Denmark – April 27, 2012 – One among the most reputed and respected company in Denmark, Nordisk Campin Gudstyr sells the most economical and the best camping equipment ( campingudstyr ) in the country. The company mainly deals with the top brands that are available in the market like CADAC, DWT, FIAMMA, CAMPINGAZ, ALKO, TRUMA and THE FORD. The shipping amount for any orders placed, no matter what the quantity is, is pre fixed. Shopping through a secured gateway is ensured to make it a memorable experience of buying quality products.

Camping with one’s family and friends is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experience for anyone. The bonding between the members of family and friends are strengthened further with such activities. When one carries good quality accessories it helps in managing a smooth camping activity with fewer efforts. The accessories that one needs for camping like the shady canopies, storage tent, Sun or winter canopies, a range of grill, furniture and furnishings that are foldable and easy to carry are among the must carry items for outings. The camping equipment simply makes this possible by acting in accordance with high standards of servicing and delivery.

Carrying camping accessories that are manufactured adhering to the safety measures and those that meet with high quality of standards means the products will stand throughout the camping. The company provides timely solutions to all above needs with a wide variety of equipments that are available within the company under some great offers. The company well known for providing camping equipment believes in providing hassle free shopping experience to its customers to achieve a 100% customer satisfaction. Towards this, the company facilitates online shopping using a secured payment gateway. The highlight is the 24 months warranty that the products carry which makes it a worthwhile investment.

The customer friendly cancellation policies make the shopping experience much more enjoyable. The company, never ever compromises on the quality as it deals with reputed brands only. This is evident from its website that is full of information on camping accessories that is of the highest quality priced most economically. A Danish customer pays just £ 69.00 whereas on the other hand a Swedish customer will pay £ 149.00 in freight of same kind. Moreover, the professional bunch of staff is well trained to help customers with any needs to do with camping.

The spokesperson of the Company concluded that it will remain focused on the brand image it has acquired over the years with the steady and dynamic professional growth in the field of camping accessories. For more information on camping accessories or any queries one may visit its official website: http://www.nordiskcampingudstyr.dk.

Contact: Mailre Dand
Address: Nordic Camping Equipment
Hejreskovvej 11-B
3490 Kvistgård
Tel Phone: 20876750
Email: service@nordiskcampingudstyr.dk