Nokia Lumia 800 White – Feature packed phone of Lumia series

Nokia has brought its wondrous sleek, smooth and sturdy Nokia Lumia 800 white smartphone in various assortment of deals and specifications. With the announcement of white version of Nokia Lumia 800, this Windows Phone is available in cyan, magenta and black flavors also within the contract length of about 24 months. Nokia Lumia 800 white Contract has come up in market with the best and attractive key features. Sleek and stylish smartphone offers the tech chops. Window phone has premier one- piece framework due to which it not only gives high quality and beautiful look but is also contoured to fit comfortably in hands. Nokia Lumia 800 white Contract has clear black display technology which throws out vibrant colors with sharp, high quality images. Running with Windows Phone 7.5 OS, Nokia Lumia 800 white comes crammed with inimitable features, and all these features are meant for making life easier. It works with 1.4 GHz Processor and consists of 3.7- inch AMOLED touch screen with 16 GB of internal memory and 512 MB RAM. You can go beyond simple snapshots and capture amazing moments with 8 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens and autofocus.

While comparing the Lumia series of Nokia buyers and users often find Nokia Lumia 710 Contract affordable. Windows powered smartphone of 710 series offers extra personalization with dynamically colored back covers. Nokia Lumia 710 Contract was released concurrently with Lumia 800 but with far cheaper price tags. Amazing, stylish and less expensive Nokia Lumia 710 offers same specifications as Nokia Lumia 800 white. Compactly designed, Nokia Lumia 710 possesses 3.7 inch 480 X 800 pixel touch screen display and is also equipped with single core 1.4 GHz Scorpion Processor. It has 8 GB if internal storage memory into its funky housing which allows to swap the excellent back colors. Nokia Lumia 710 Contract provides excellent WI- Fi connection at 3.5G data along with Bluetooth and GPS connection also. It has active noise cancellation with dedicated mic and switch smoothly between numbers of tasks. Exciting Nokia Lumia 710 Contract smartphone has 5MP backside shooter. It has contract deal of 2 years and in addition, Nokia 710 series is also extending its free back cover promotion.

Trendy and sophisticated Nokia models and design of 3G touch smart phones are now available in number of stylish applications which support users need and allows him to choose the best way for communication and entertainment too. Nokia Lumia series is not being confined to this stage rather it has developed hilarious and magnificent Nokia Lumia 900 Contract which is one of the premium and ‘best smartphone ever’. The world wide version of rare 900 series is being delivered and available in market. Nokia Lumia 900 Contract is running on Windows Phone Mango (7.5) OS, it has 4.3 inch captivating clear black AMOLED touch screen which makes it highly attractive and makes net surfing, game playing and watching videos more enjoyable and pleasurable. 16 GB of storage space, 512 MB RAM and presence of 3G as well as 4G features makes Nokia Lumia 900 Contract really incredible.

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