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Acne is the most typical skin disorder in the the US. Based on a study by American Academy of Dermatology, 40 to 50 million American citizens are afflicted with acne blemishes and nearly 85% of the populace at some point in their existence has acne in various regions of their body, particularly the face, back and chest. Because of this, quite a lot of skin care products have been developed in recent years in order to help Americans solve their acne concerns. With the release of various acne solutions, many internet resources are offering people suggestions on how to correctly go about their acne issues, often advocating a specific label of acne treatment. But almost all of these sites are affiliate partners of some skin care makers, and they are deceiving the consumers into assuming that they are giving a professional and impartial opinion.

With the intention to put a stop into this type of fraud, a new website http://howtogetridofacnetruth.org/ was just recently founded. The ultimate objective of this website is to give reliable, accurate, and unbiased opinions about different acne treatments available in the market. since it is not in partnership with any skin care company, it is in the best position to provide an perfectly honest review so consumers can be guaranteed that any recommendations or advices are done with extensive research, without any kind of hidden motive on the part of the administrators of the website.

With correct information on how to get rid of acne, individuals with acne concerns are expected to save some money, money that would have been spent on items that may not even deliver the results had they run into sites that receive monetary considerations from makers for every customer they are able to convince with their “reviews.” The websites understands the negative effects of acne to everyone’s self-esteem, and works hard to share to acne sufferers the best and fastest possible treatment available, as determined by their separate research. More often than not, inaccurate information would just hinder treatment and many resource sites have in reality done acne sufferers a great ill service by not showing the fact that they are affiliated with a producer of skin care products.

The eventual purpose of the internet site is to get in contact with as many true subscribers of acne products as possible so as to generate honest-to-goodness assessments truly reflective of how consumers think about certain acne solutions. Besides the product evaluations made by the staff of the website, consumers are also encouraged to write their own experience in using specific products. Since the internet site believes that an efficient way of finding out the effectiveness of acne remedies should not solely be dependent on clinical findings but also on actual results as attested by real users, the comments will be an excellent contribution to the integrity, honesty, and reliability of the internet site.

The website doesn’t intend to declare that it has the sole rights to proper information about acne solutions, nor does it want to create hearsays that other sites are not reliable. It only opts to give more importance to the welfare of people who are suffering from acne before other things. And by adopting this principle, it just is right and proper that the web site does not collect any earnings, or monetary incentives coming from producers for recommending their acne treatment. In the end, what matters most is that the info given is accurate so that users of the product can make the right choices later on.


We are a dependable reference for acne details and acne related products. We do not accept commissions or any other monetary prize as a result of users buying acne products through our website.

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