Music Playing A More Important Role In Branding For Today’s Companies

[Austin, TX] – May 11, 2012 – In the past, a clever jingle would have been all a company needed when it came to establishing their brand because music was used mainly in ads on the radio or TV. Today, however, researchers have shown that music does not have to be made by a company in order to have an effect on its sales. Retailers know that when the right music is played in their stores at the right times, their sales are bound to go up. Companies also know that the right kind of hold music can keep customers calm while they are waiting for the next available representative. Music is able to evoke such a range of moods that it is an excellent driver of human behavior and this is why music for business is a far more pertinent topic than ever before. Companies have to create an identity for themselves in the mind of their customers and in order to do this effectively, they have to make use of much more than just visual design or catchy jingles, they have to have a program of songs they utilize and goals established regarding what they want their music to be able to do.

Many businesses are relying on services like those provided by the world renowned DMX, a company focused on providing tailored solutions to businesses of all kinds that meet their needs with a diverse array of recordings designed to be used in stores, over phone while customers wait on hold or even over a company’s web site. By leveraging the power that music for businesses has been shown to have, companies of all sizes are now finding that they can gain greater control over the environments they inhabit and make sure that they are able to provide an experience their customers will have powerful positive associations to. Corporations are not the only ones able to tap into the power of music, either, as a growing number of smaller companies are coming to see that branding is everything and for those who take advantage of it, big profits can come. Experts believe that more skillful use of music could define brands in the future.

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