Love Marriage

A love marriage is a union of two individuals based upon mutual love, affection, commitment and attraction. While the term has little discrete meaning in the Western world, where most marriages are considered to be ‘based in love,’ the term has meaning elsewhere to indicate a concept of marriage which differs from the norms of arranged marriage and forced marriage. There are very few things in our world today that were ever a part of God’s perfect plan for mankind. The elaborate government systems, with all their checks and balances and laws, would not be necessary if it were not for the corruption that sin produced. The monetary system, with all the buying and selling, would not be necessary in a sinless world that did unto others as they would have others do unto them. And many other things that we consider institutions in our society were never intended by God, but simply are ways of trying to cope with and control the perversion that entered the world through sin.

Love marriages are correct. Because in this both the partners are understand completely about them. In this type of marriages the lovers first ask their parents’ permission. Without parents and other elders we don’t survive in this cruel society. In presence parents they become partners then there is no problem at all. These kinds of marriages are not broken. Marriage is not a thing that can buy in supermarket or etc. It is a journey of two bodies with one heart. Once marriage is over then there is no chance to exchange the partner. It destroys the mind of children, and family construction also. By bad-luck arranged marriage is fixed try to understand the partner. Love the partner until your last breath. But the love may be begun after marriage or before marriage is not important. Marriage is not a one day game. It’s a relationship forever which decides the path of your life. When an individual reaches the respective age where he/she thinks they need a partner to share things, I think that individual should make a choice of choosing the partner. If this is chosen by the parents, they see the outward particles like social status, educational; qualification, financially sound or not, etc. etc. However, they will not be able to see whether the person will be able to take care of each other, understand each other, trustworthy, make the life beautiful & share shoulders when you need support. These essential ingredients for relationship can be realized only when the individual selects his/her own partner. These things cannot be seen by the parents.

If the individual decides that he/she should be his/her life partner, then the chances of Divorce will be very less. The reason is that the relationship starts after understanding. In Arranged Marriage, the couple is forced to understand each other with no choice. That is the reason there are lots of chances to Divorce. If the individual makes a wrong choice in selecting the partner, then he/she should face the consequences. Therefore, in love marriages, people make their own choices and make their remaining part of the life as they wanted it to be. Marriage is one of the most important phases in a person’s life. A marriage, in Indian culture is considered as a union of two families and not just two people. Earlier young children got married according to their parents wish. But things have largely changed now and we options of getting either marriage our parents wish that arranged marriage or by our wish, love marriage. It’s a famous proverb which says “a known devil is better than an unknown god”. So in many cases getting married to a person you have known for a while can be helpful. You need less time to understand the other half. You find it comfortable to share space with that person. You already know a lot of things about that person. So it helps. But a love marriage can turn into a mess, if you have take decisions in short span or without thinking properly. After all marriages succeed only when you adjust a bit.

When we marry according to our parents wish, not only our parents are happy but also there are huge chances of the marriage being a success. After all, our parents know us better than anyone else, and they will try to choose the best for us.