Lake District Hotel Offers Customers a Break in Pasty Tax

A Lake District hotelier is showing his support for the abolition of pasty tax by introducing VAT free real ales to their in-house pub.

The Castle Inn Hotel near Bassenthwaite in the picturesque Lake District is offering drinkers a pint of real local ale for only £2.90 per pint, referring to their new offer as a ‘Pint of Bread’.

Peter Wells, owner and general manager of the Castle Inn Hotel pointed out: “Real Cask Ales, such as those we sell in our pub and restaurant, have similar ingredients to that of a loaf of bread which as a food item has no vat charged on it.  As we know real cask ale contains natural ingredients and is a nourishing food item and so should similarly have no vat charged on it.  We are outraged by the tax on warm foods such as pies and pasties and we wanted to give something back to our customers whether they are visitors from afar or locals.“

“We’ve therefore slashed the cost of a pint of real cask ale to only £2.90 per pint.  Our bar sells a range of local ales including Skiddaw, High Pike and Haystacks and this is our way of putting a little extra back into people’s pockets.  The Lake District is synonymous with fantastic cask ales and by removing VAT from our ales we are ensuring that drinkers can continue to enjoy this popular brew.”

The Castle Inn Hotel is a luxury four star hotel located in the northern Lake District.  The hotel is set within a picturesque area overlooking Lake Bassenthwaite and close to popular peaks such as Skiddaw and Hellvellyn.

The hotel features a bar which is open to both residents and non-residents and also a restaurant.

For more information about the Castle Inn Hotel Lake District visit http://www.castleinncumbria.co.uk.