Improving Mobility At Home With Ameriglide Lift Chairs

May 20, 2012 – It is not easy to move around the house if you have health issues and other physical problems. This is especially true if you have a multilevel home. The elderly and disabled individuals face the challenges of mobility on a daily basis. A great solution to this would be the installation of lift chairs. Stairways are extremely difficult to move up and down in and lifts can be attached to the side of the stairs to help a person move up and down with ease. There are many manufacturers of lifts with a variety of products available in the market today. If you want the best quality with price ranges that can suit any budget, AmeriGlide is one of the country’s leading suppliers of stair lifts, wheelchair lifts, and other products used to enhance mobility for motion-impaired individuals.

There are lifts that can suit all types of stairs and weight requirements. AmeriGlide manufactures lifts that are designed for easy installation that even home owners can do themselves. There are battery operated lift chairs that have reserve power in case of blackouts and outages. AmeriGlide offers a 10 year warranty on their products and price starts at $1,349. In comparison with other manufacturers, this company offers the cheapest stair lifts available in the market today. For people who are on a tight budget, they also sell factory reconditioned and used lifts that are still of good quality and have passed all quality standard requirements. Additional product offerings include platform lifts, walk-in tubs, mobility scooters and dumbwaiters.

All products offered by AmeriGlide are of the best quality. People who are caring for elderly and disabled relatives understand the importance of using stair lifts and other mobility devices to facilitate movement around the house safely and easily. Stair lifts are a great investment knowing that it needs very little maintenance and highly durable. For information on products offered by AmeriGlide, the company’s official website is http://www.ameriglide.com. There is complete information on product listings and there is also a detailed comparison of each model in terms of features and price. There is a wide variety of options available depending on the need of the customer. The company has a toll-free customer service line open 7 days a week and the number is 1-800-790-1635. Dedicated specialists are ready to assist regarding product inquiries and answer to questions which may not be available on the website. The experienced staff has the knowledge to assist each customer about determining which type of stair lift is best suited for their needs.

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