How to Reduce Labour Costs in Restaurants

The economics of running a restaurant, regardless of size, depend greatly on the owner’s ability to handle the common food and labour costs. The productivity of the restaurant staff and the food price adjustments, as well as portion controls determine the percentage of total sales. Often than not, most restaurant owners cut on labour costs. Thus, they designate one person to do multiple tasks at the same time. Because of this, businesses with personnel shortages, found that the costs and risks of understaffing do not always guarantee the ability to meet production and project schedules.

For example, an employee who handles multiple jobs to compensate for understaffing is most of the time overworked. He/she has to increase his/her workload in order not to fall behind assignments or tasks. For that reason, he/she juggles on different responsibilities which then leads to heightened stress and eventually, the inability to meet current commitment results in customer dissatisfaction as well as poor work performance.

Nordien Systems know that bad customer reviews greatly affect sales percentage within the retail-food industry. So, in order to help restaurant owners and managers achieve better production output in spite of the understaffing crisis, Nordien Systems, the United Kingdom’s market in the design and manufacture of dishwashing handling systems, supplying industrial and professional kitchens of all sizes; provide the equipment that delivers practical solutions.

Firstly, many types of small businesses pay their employees on an hourly basis. In casual dining or fast-food restaurants for example, employees are classified according to their duties (i.e.  Counter and kitchen staff, wait staff, cashier  and those who clear tables and take out the trash). To help alleviate the stress of work related worries as well as the frustration to hire more employees when the production schedule is tight and intense, Nordien Systems provide dishwashing baskets, racks, cutlery handling, carousel systems, kitchen trolleys, plate cassettes, drying lines, tables and more to fill commercial kitchen or restaurants with hygienic and efficient products.

Through the use of dishwashing handling systems and other equipment, Nordien Systems UK  can relieve the tension of labour cost through dividing the factors into two; variable and fixed labour costs. Business owners or managers can typically manage fixed labour  as these individuals usually earn a fixed salary regardless of the working hours rendered while most fast-food employees are categorised  under variable labour. Through the use of specific equipment from Nordien Systems, time, money and labour cost in many restaurants can be reduced.