How Plumbing Software Can Help Your Business

Technology is invading every business in the country, including those that traditionally lacked automation. Plumbing, a business that involves tools and great mental know-how, has been one industry that has avoided automation until recently.

Like you, I thought there would be no use for computers in my plumbing business. Then one day I read about job scheduling software and was intrigued. Was it possible technology could take some of the workload off of me?

I quickly found out that it could. Within a few weeks, I wondered how I’d ever lived without it. If you’re considering using job scheduling software for your plumbing business, here are a few ways it can help.

Minimize Trips

Plumbers don’t exist in an office. My plumbing staff has always come directly into the office each morning for a few minutes to grab paperwork, schedules, and chat, then headed out into the field. The rest of the day, my staff communicated with me via phone.

These phone calls can be time-zappers. While I would help my plumbers with any information they needed, gladly, my staff wasn’t too excited about having to call in for everything, either. They wanted a way to be more independent in the field and I knew by doing that, I could save time for everyone, including myself.

While I still have my weekly team meetings to discuss important issues, my plumbers have no need to drive all the way into the office every day. Any questions they have throughout the day can usually be answered through the software. Inventory information, job costing information, and customer databases are all accessed from anywhere an Internet connection exists.

Inventory Tracking

One of the handiest things about this plumbing job software is that it keeps up with my inventory. If a plumber needs to know whether or not a part is in stock, he only has to pull up the inventory in the app and proceed with the estimate. When a part is used, the plumber can also remove it from the database without my help. This keeps my inventory up to date.

Of course, I still have to cross-check the records, but even that is easier with job scheduling software. Annual inventory is simply a matter of pulling up the database and comparing it to what I have in stock.

Reporting Capabilities

I like to stay on top of my business, so the plumbing job scheduling software’s reports are a huge bonus. I only have to fill in a few fields and I can access information on employee performance, customer retention, and income vs. expenses.

This is especially helpful when making staffing decisions. I like to reward my plumbers for good performance and having the information in front of me makes it easier to justify. I can also determine team members who are less efficient and reassign them to less challenging routes until performance improves.

Few aspects of running a plumbing business are easy, but automating administrative tasks has helped take some of the daily work load off of me. Running a business is challenging enough. Why not use as many tools as possible to remove some of the burden?

For more information please visit: http://blog.scheduleflow.com/2012/01/19/using-the-latest-technology-to-schedule-plumbing-jobs-2/