Grand Canyon Concierge Offers Fantastic Tours

Grand Canyon, Arizona, May 18, 2012 – Grand Canyon Concierge by Cobalt Escapes, a leader in the tourism industry in Arizona, announces the opening of the 2012 season here at the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Concierge will exceed all expectations in creating the perfect Grand Canyon getaway for travelers coming to Arizona’s Grand Canyon. With many options available, their staff will be able to put together a perfect itinerary according to budget and interests. Grand Canyon Concierge’s knowledgeable staff will also help choose the best restaurant, tour or hotel.

Grand Canyon Concierge is the local expert on the best tours in the area. They provide the most dedicated and consistent travel service at the Grand Canyon. There are many different tours to choose from, including jeep tours, guided tours, river and rafting tours, air tours, hiking tours, train tours, and horseback & mule tours.

There are three guided tours offered by Grand Canyon Concierge; the Ultimate Grand Canyon Tour, the Scenic Rim Tour, and the Four Hour Tour. The Ultimate Grand Canyon Tour is a full day journey highlighting numerous view points, with a chance to learn more about the Grand Canyon, a trip to a Navajo Reservation for lunch at a local restaurant (included in the cost) and shopping, and then a chance to explore the Painted Desert and to learn about the Navajo culture. The trip concludes with one last look at the magnificent Grand Canyon.

The Scenic Rim Tour provides a chance to explore ancient Indian cliff dwellings and secret fossil beds. Travelers will also witness wildlife in their natural habitat. A picnic lunch will be provided, followed by time in the canyon to see vistas and ancient Indian petroglyphs.

The Four Hour Tour is perfect for those who don’t have very much time at the canyon. It begins at the South Rim with a spectacular view, followed by an informational session about the Grand Canyon’s history and rock formations. Afterwards, additional stops will be made from various viewpoints.

In addition to guided tours, there are also many hiking tours to choose from depending on the level of intensity desired. The Level 1: Grand Canyon Explorer Hike is of moderate intensity. At 3 miles long, it provides impressive views and is great for the whole family. Level 2: Secret Desert Hike will take you on a 5 mile trek where you will explore little known springs that make up 80% of the Grand Canyon’s biodiversity. This fantastic hike is 5 miles long. Level 3: Sky Island Exploration Hike is an 8 mile long difficult hike that will tour the largest sky islands, mining locations, and a descent into limestone caverns and colorful cave formations. Level 4: Steep & Rugged will take you on a more difficult and extreme 12 mile hike with unsurpassed views. There are also customizable overnight trips available for a one to three day all-inclusive experience.

Whichever tour is chosen, Grand Canyon Concierge is certain to provide the best service in Arizona.

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