Give your home a makeover!

Does your home’s decor need a little lift? Are you looking for a project that will make a big statement in your home without knocking down any walls? Crown Molding is the answer. Crown molding is the ideal way to give your home a new look. Decorative corbels, ceiling medallions and other accents complete the look for a style that is all yours.
Crown moldings come in a variety of materials, from fiberglass to PVC, each with their own set of advantages. Crown moldings can be used both for indoor and outdoor applications and we can help you create a look that will give your home a whole new sense of style.

Age-old elegance

Crowm moldings hold an esteemed place in the history of decor. They have been used in some of the most ornate palaces in the world, from Greece to Rome to Paris. Today, crown modlings are not just for the wealthy; they are an affordable way to add elegance and sophistication to any home.

Increase your home’s value

If you plan to seell your home, it can seem counter-intuitive to invest money in it. But there are certain things you can do that give potential buyers the perception of added value when they consider which home to buy. Adding crown moldings is one of the things you can do to add value to your home. By installing ceiling medallions, corbels, columns, door casings and other kinds of moldings in your home you’ll increase your chances of fetching top dollar for your home. By installing our crown moldings in your home you’ll almost certainly see a good return on your investment.

Why buy from us

Because we offer sales directly to you, bypassing the need for telephone consultants, we are able to keep our prices competitive. We save money by not having to staff those consultants, and we are happy to pass those savings on to you! When ordering from us, it’s a good idea to consult with a contractor or designer first, so that you can be sure of the exact products you’ll need and the dimensions you’ll require.

Crown molding can be used to elevate the look of any room. Add a medallion over a dining room table for added elegance. Add crown moldings to dress up a bedroom, study or even the kitchen. Every room in your house can benefit from the addition of crown molding. Adding crown molding makes a room’s decor look more polished, more sophisticated and more finished.

Installing crown molding is an affordable way to give your home a whole new look. Details like these are what can elevate any home to new heights, giving it an air of sophisticated style that tells everyone that you, the homeowner, care about your home and that you have the kind of style that people aspire to. Enhancing the look of your home will leave your friends and neighbors envious. And the best part is, only you will know just how easy and affordable it was to give your home its new look.