General Dietary Guidelines for diabetes

In this article, we will show you the ideal diabetic diet guidelines that will assist you in determining the right composition of your diet. Diabetic should follow a strict diet so that they will prevent complications from developing in their body. After reading this article, you will soon have an idea on how to ‘mix and match,” the foods that you’re eating, which will help you in managing your disease.

Standard Diabetic Diet Guidelines

Listed below are the ‘standard’ Diets for diabetics, which were made by experts to guide diabetics on the type and quantity of foods that they should eat to fulfill their needs.

* Carbohydrates (45 – 65 %) ‘ Included in the diabetic diet guidelines is the consumption of calories. Calories taken from carbohydrates are needed to fuel the daily activity of the person. However, in diabetics, excess calories could lead to ‘hyperglycemia’ or the upsurge of sugar levels in the blood. This is the reason why carbohydrates should only fall in the given range to prevent complications.

* Protein (10 – 35 %) ‘Protein should as well be moderated in diabetics because any excess or deficiency can affect the condition of the patient. Protein is needed to repair and build new cells in the body. However, an excess amount could also be converted into sugar, which might lead to hyperglycemia.

* Fat (20 – 30 %) ‘ As you can see fats have the least percentage if we based it on the diabetic diet guidelines. Because excess in body fats could result to or can increase ‘insulin resistance,’ which is not beneficial because it may increase the occurrence of hyperglycemia, and may even worsen the other symptoms of diabetes.

As you can see the ‘numbers’ on the diabetic diet guidelines presented above are not given in ‘fix’ rates, rather they are provided in ‘range.’ This will allow the healthcare professionals to play with the numbers to get the ‘ideal’ range based on patient’s needs. For controlling diabetes one should always check blood glucose levels through Glucose test meters

Additional Information:

Even though you have already acquired the proper knowledge on how to formulate your diet based on the diabetic diet guidelines presented above, we still encourage you to visit your physician or dietician, for you to check the accuracy of your diet plan. Share these diabetic diet guidelines to your love ones that are suffering from diabetes to serve as their guide in achieving a healthier and livelier body!

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