Email Extractor 14: Extracting Gold for Business

April 2012 – A recently released program provides an inexpensive but very effective tool with which businesses can target prospective clients. By mining the web for targeted email addresses, the new Email Extractor 14 can generate a valuable collection of emails. Such a priceless list enables businesses to begin using the Internet to its full potential.

Email extractor software puts out web-searching bots or spiders that search out emails in accordance with the parameters entered by the user. Within the designated locations, the quest for qualified email spreads out through preferred search engines for example Google, Yahoo, and MSN. To search inside a certain site, just type the URL and all e-mail inside the pages of the specified URL are uncovered. The outcomes are generally entered into some kind of spreadsheet. These harvested emails can then be utilized for useful e-mail advertising and marketing campaigns.

Some businesses have tried early forms of the software and reportedly found it to be slow and unreliable. With the introduction of the email extractor 14, those same businesses may well find it is worth another look. The new award-winning software is able to extract emails and compile an incredible number of email addresses to be utilized for an effective marketing campaign. Forget the days when manually mining for emails took hours or days to do.

Businesses and other organizations can use the software in a variety of ways.When there is a new product release or some other news that really should be known by existing and prospective clients, the Email Extractor could be put to work. With a few seconds, a list of targeted emails is ready for use as a marketing treasure map. No company can do better than getting such a valuable list from which to work.

Many business try purchasing email lists. However, purchased email lists can quickly burn up a marketing budget. Such email lists can cost hundreds of dollars. Even worse, these lists are often outdated and of little real use. No organization likes to waste money so it makes no sense to buy such worthless lists. Furthermore, email promoting with these lists of email addresses amounts to something like blindly firing a shotgun into the air and hoping against all hope that something beneficial happens.

The email extractor will make e-mail marketing and advertising quick, quick, and most significant it makes it effective.

Email Extractor 14 can be found online at http://emailextractor14.com and downloaded to your computer.