Diamond & Estate Trust Purchases Gold at Record Rates Despite Falling Gold Prices

Los Angeles, California — Gold prices have continued to tumble this month, reaching a four-month low that has led forecasters to advise people against viewing the precious metal as a safe-haven investment. Considering the overall decline of the price of gold (less than $1,600 per ounce at times), individuals looking to sell their gold pieces should choose a jeweler such as Diamond & Estate Trust, which will offer higher prices on gold than pawn shops or other gold buyers.

The most significant drop of the year came when gold prices fell to $1,594.20 per ounce on Wednesday. Experts say the decline in gold prices is due to the world’s uncertainty over the euro zone debt crisis, and they do not expect the downward gold trend to reverse itself any time soon.

Whereas pawn shops and bulk gold buyers use the price of gold as a main factor in their offer price for a gold piece, Diamond & Estate Trust takes into account all a piece of jewelry’s features when setting its offer. For example, if you have Diamond & Estate Trust appraise a pair of gold earrings, its experts will also look for a designer signature, the quality of diamonds, colored diamonds, rubies or sapphires in the piece, the era in which it was crafted, and the overall design aesthetic of the piece. This enabled Diamond & Estate Trust to offer a higher price for gold jewelry than companies interested in only gold.

Diamond & Estate Trust specializes in acquiring and selling diamonds and colored diamonds
; precious gems such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires; designer pieces; watches such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Audemars; and antique/vintage jewelry of all price points.

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