Designer Jewellers Enjoy May Day Using Their Designs

Fabulous Viking Jewellery – At Inexpensive Prices

Now we have have got to the merry month of May, you can easlily make merry with wonderful pieces to mark the arrival of spring from Orkney designer jewellers. They have rings, earring and brooches within their May Queen selection, plus Viking jewellery, as the Norse commemorated May time also. Orkney’s designer jewellers make by hand all of their products.

The May Queen collection created by designer jewellers to recognise the rites of May and commentate the May Queen are unforgettable Orkney pieces. In Orkney young girls usually climbed up a high hill to wash their young faces in the May Dew that had been considered to have magical properties for a gorgeous complexion and get rid of freckles and spots. We can’t supply the dew, but we are able to provide Viking jewellery in addition to other classic ranges.

Elsewhere in Britain the May Queen was really an adolescent girl who dressed in a white gown to symbolise wholesomeness and was crowned with flowers. This girl led a parade just before maypole dancing began.

Not every Maytime tales are happy ones however. A sinister twist is the fact every so often the May Queen was sacrificed once the activities were over. And in Orkney May signalled the time period when shoes or boots were taken away from young boys and girls who went barefoot until harvest time. This was a practical measure to save shoe leather.

Orkney’s May Queen earrings and rings, and also brooches in gold or silver, are influenced by a series of gesso panels displayed in Vienna in 1900, entitled the May Queen. The panels’ originator, Margaret Macdonald was married to the well-known Glasgow architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh. These panels were said to be her best work and also to have inspired the artist Gustav Klimt.

Great Designer Jewellers Are Motivated by Viking Jewellery Designs

The May Queen panels were set up in the distinguished Mackintosh designed Ingram Street Tearooms in Glasgow. These were certainly one of the first pieces of art to inspire one of Orney’s most prominent designer jewellers when she was starting off over Fifty years ago. Through the creative moulding and polishing of precious metal, this timeless jewellery echoes the original panels’ utilization of mother of pearl, tin leaf and also glass beads. This jewellery is definitely a classic in the Glasgow Style which continues to be inspiring to this day.

Norse religion refers to the religious traditions of the Norsemen prior to Christianisation of Scandinavia, specifically during the Viking Age and includes the marking of the seasons, which includes May Day. Norse religion is really a part of Germanic paganism, that had been practiced within the lands inhabited by the Germanic tribes across nearly all Northern and also Central Europe. Knowledge of Norse religion is generally drawn from the results of archaeological field work, etymology and early written materials. In Orkney archaeologists have derived information and facts through grave goods, including stunning brooches.

The Wild Hunt was actually a popular folklore found in Scandinavian and Germanic myth, also in later folklore in the United Kingdom and northern Europe, which had changed throughout the centuries. This group of hunters were variously known as Furious Host or Raging Host. In Norse myths, the first leader of the hunt was the god Odin, identified in Germanic myth as Wodan. Odin rode the eight-legged horse, called Sleipnir. His company of hunters were the Valkyries and also the dead soldiers who resided with him in Valhalla. The hunt started on Winter Nights (October 31) and finished on May Eve (April 30) on the next year. Those two nights were unique, because lights go out on all Nine Worlds and spirits and goblins are free to roam around the earth’s surface.

So, enjoy spring in your own way, perhaps by using a May Queen set of earrings, ring or brooch made by designer jewellers and don’t forget how our Norse ancestors and forefathers marked this part of the season, with Viking jewellery to catch a person’s eye.

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