ComparePricesFor.co.uk Helps Buyers Get a Bargain on Goods

UK – May 22, 2012 – ComparePricesFor.co.uk, a recently launched website based in UK, offers consumers a site where they can get price comparisons on household and electrical items to save on their purchases.

“We are very excited about the launch,” said Bob Harris, Founder and Managing Director of ComparePricesFor.co.uk. “We think it offers a simple and no-nonsense way to compare prices on everything from a laptop to a babies’ buggy.”

Acceptance of the site has spread through social networks where customers like Sarah Aires found it. “I love it. I used it to compare prices for laptops,” said Aires, the first to comment about the site in Facebook.

“I formed the company after being made redundant from the manufacturing sector. I have always programmed and built websites for my friends and family in my spare time so I thought about testing my skills and building something people wanted and would be happy to use,” shared Harris, adding that the best way to do it is to find what customers need and provide it without frills.

“These days it seems that in order to have a comparison website you need a gimmick to hook people in, I think that the product should be good enough to speak for its self, and if people like it they will tell their friends,” said Harris.

To use the service, sign up free to www.ComparePricesFor.co.uk.