ClinicServer Releases PencilThat: An Affordable, Easy to Use Appointment Diary with Built in Client Self-Scheduler

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (05-31-2012) ClinicServer offers a time-saving, revenue increasing solution to their cloud-based practice management software. This new feature, called PencilThat, enables clients to book their own appointments online, instantly filling scheduling gaps and significantly reducing no-shows for appointment-based businesses.

PencilThat incorporates full security and intricate controls to service providers, while offering ultimate freedom to their clients through enabling online self-scheduling of specific appointment types. PencilThat accomplishes these lofty productivity goals by providing automated e-confirmations and e-reminders, all while the service provider works on billable hours instead of administrative tasks.

“PencilThat enables us to reach out to a broader marketplace” says CEO Chris Boudreau. “It is a software service that is appeals to audiences beyond the clinical vertical, and offers significant benefit to any appointment-based business. This can include not only the clinical or health-care sector, but appeals to legal firms, hair salons, aesthetic service providers, restaurant reservations, we even have a PR firm and political candidates that have signed up to use our product.”

PencilThat Beta has been released as a pilot project on the East Coast of Canada, and business testers are demonstrating quick uptake in this geographical area.

“Self-scheduling is the future of practice management,” say Director of Community, and private practice owner Kelly Lawson. “We have become accustomed to the immediate gratification that comes with the Internet age. I write an email, I get a response. I have a question, I get an answer. As self-scheduling penetrates a few appointment-based businesses, customers will come to expect the convenience of scheduling appointments online from all service providers. It will become the deciding factor of whether or not I choose to go with service provider A or service provider B; and early adopters will have a definite competitive advantage.”

PencilThat boasts time saving and revenue increasing results to appointment-based businesses. It is available to a global marketplace and it is the kind of cutting-edge service that offers the ultimate experience to both consumers and service providers of appointment-based businesses. Clients love it because they can book and confirm their appointments 24/7, and service providers love it because they are booking appointments while they sleep.

At the cost of a fast-food meal per month, it is a perfect fit for the instantly gratifying lifestyle we have come to love and expect as children of the Internet age.

For more info, to request a demo or begin a free trial of PencilThat, please visit www.clinicserver.com or email info@clinicserver.com