Care Management Courses And Certification Through Online Continuing Education

May 09, 2012 – Care management is a field in healthcare in which expert individuals conduct assessments and create recommendations for care plans and also acts as coordinators with other healthcare professionals to ensure that a person’s unique health needs are met. Families who are looking for long-term health care facilities for elderly and disabled relatives can depend on care management experts to do much of the legwork. These experts can also ensure that their loved ones are afforded the best care giving services possible.

Together with care management, case management is also a field in healthcare where experienced and registered health workers manage the needs of each patient beginning with admittance, course of treatment and up to a certain extent, insurance concerns and issues. case management certification is available through the American Institute of Health Professionals. Interested individuals can apply for fellowship with the American Academy of Case Management. The academy offers a full 150 hours of continuing education courses that will qualify an applicant for a fellowship.

Criteria for application in a fellowship program are available through www.aihcp.org. Individuals who are already working as registered nurses, physicians, social worker or have experience in any healthcare related field will be able to meet the most basic prerequisites for a fellowship program. It is the objective of AACM to provide the best comprehensive programs, courses and training available to individuals who are dedicated in the practice of managing care. The healthcare field has many opportunities available for advancement that can be extended to existing health professionals interested in continuing education and certification.

http://www.aihcp.org is a one-stop shop for information on how to apply and complete courses, fellowship programs and certification in a sub-specialty health care practice. A healthcare professional can increase his specialty and expertise which can lead to greater marketability in the field. The advantage of continuing education through distance learning is the opportunity for independent study without requiring students to travel. Online courses are designed to meet all the educational requirements needed for certification and fellowship. Enrollment is open and students may begin a course anytime. For additional learning supports, students are given access to message boards, forums, and chat rooms. You can rest assured that the American Institute of Health Professionals is an approved provider of continuing education accredited by nursing boards. Additional information on each sub specialty in healthcare is available by contacting the website through email. Application forms are also available by request after you fill out a form on the website.

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