Affordable Drug Rehab Provides A Variety Of Programs

Looking for Affordable Drug Rehab? We have the answer, Florida!

The Florida House experience is the best drug rehab Florida has to offer. We offer a one-of-a-kind drug treatment facility, a new alternative to traditional drug rehabilitation centers in Florida. We throw away the concept of the 28-day treatment model in favor of a more effective method.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a disease. We understand that, and we are dedicated to helping you through your drug rehabilitation process with that in mind. Addiction requires long-term rehabilitation that involves a multi-faceted approach to wellness. With our program, emphasis is placed on involving the family in the rehab process, not just on the individual.

With our drug treatment plan Florida residents go through a series of phases, each one building upon the previous ones. These phases include:

Medically monitored detox

Transition to lower levels of drug treatment

Eventual transition to sober living

We are a licensed, CARF-accredited residential treatment facility, but we go beyond being a place to get treatment for addiction. We also offer graduates of our program a safe, sober and temptation-free place to live.

Why choose us?

When it comes to Drug Rehabilitation Florida has to offer, we are the very best. We are a brand-new approach, offering:

All phases of our program located in one spot

Beautiful, scenic campus

500 years combined recovery among our expert staff

A specialty in dealing with dual diagnoses

At our beautiful campus we offer a selection of multiple-level care programs for a variety of addictions, needs and lifestyles. These include residential rehabilitation treatment, outpatient services, partial hospitalization, medically supervised detox and sober living assistance.

It is our goal to ensure that you get the help you need to kick your addiction from a medical perspective first (that is, we help wean your body off of the toxins in a safe, supervised way). From there, we want to help you modify your addictive behaviors so that you won’t go back to your old ways and, finally, we want to provide you with a safe place you can live without worrying about being tempted by drugs or alcohol.

We understand that men and women are different

At the Florida House Experience, we understand that addiction is different for men and for women. Because of that, we offer programs that are centered around the needs of women and the needs of men individually. Because these programs are so tailored to the particular gender-specific needs of our patients we have a higher efficacy rating. We also offer separate housing for men and women which also increases the efficacy of our program.

We also offer a specialized program for professionals, geared toward treatment of nurses, doctors, lawyers and other professionals.

When it comes to drug rehab Florida residents, we offer a safe, supportive and effective program that is designed to help you beat your addiction, regardless of who you are. We offer a high staff-to-patient ratio and a private, exclusive and discreet facility so that you can focus on getting well in privacy and on your own terms.