ClinicServer Releases PencilThat: An Affordable, Easy to Use Appointment Diary with Built in Client Self-Scheduler

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada (05-31-2012) ClinicServer offers a time-saving, revenue increasing solution to their cloud-based practice management software. This new feature, called PencilThat, enables clients to book their own appointments online, instantly filling scheduling gaps and significantly reducing no-shows for appointment-based businesses.

PencilThat incorporates full security and intricate controls to service providers, while offering ultimate freedom to their clients through enabling online self-scheduling of specific appointment types. PencilThat accomplishes these lofty productivity goals by providing automated e-confirmations and e-reminders, all while the service provider works on billable hours instead of administrative tasks.

“PencilThat enables us to reach out to a broader marketplace” says CEO Chris Boudreau. “It is a software service that is appeals to audiences beyond the clinical vertical, and offers significant benefit to any appointment-based business. This can include not only the clinical or health-care sector, but appeals to legal firms, hair salons, aesthetic service providers, restaurant reservations, we even have a PR firm and political candidates that have signed up to use our product.”

PencilThat Beta has been released as a pilot project on the East Coast of Canada, and business testers are demonstrating quick uptake in this geographical area.

“Self-scheduling is the future of practice management,” say Director of Community, and private practice owner Kelly Lawson. “We have become accustomed to the immediate gratification that comes with the Internet age. I write an email, I get a response. I have a question, I get an answer. As self-scheduling penetrates a few appointment-based businesses, customers will come to expect the convenience of scheduling appointments online from all service providers. It will become the deciding factor of whether or not I choose to go with service provider A or service provider B; and early adopters will have a definite competitive advantage.”

PencilThat boasts time saving and revenue increasing results to appointment-based businesses. It is available to a global marketplace and it is the kind of cutting-edge service that offers the ultimate experience to both consumers and service providers of appointment-based businesses. Clients love it because they can book and confirm their appointments 24/7, and service providers love it because they are booking appointments while they sleep.

At the cost of a fast-food meal per month, it is a perfect fit for the instantly gratifying lifestyle we have come to love and expect as children of the Internet age.

For more info, to request a demo or begin a free trial of PencilThat, please visit www.clinicserver.com or email info@clinicserver.com



NetSTAR and SecureBrain Form Alliance to Enhance the inCompass® Web Filtering URL Security Categorization Database and Malware Protection

San Mateo, California – May 31, 2012 – NetSTAR Inc, the global leader in high quality OEM internet URL content filtering technologies, announced today that inCompassCloud and SDK architecture will support and incorporate malware, phishing, and malicious site telemetry data enabling immediate protection from phishing sites, one-click fraud, and malware sites. Malware protection requires unique and special considerations and expertise due to the rapidly changing nature of cybercrime. Existing OEMs will automatically receive this augmented protection and URL data feeds starting at the end of May.

Cybercrime attacks rely on access to a remote server. NetSTAR is in a unique position to provide both inbound and outbound URL protection by preventing access or blocking malicious communications.

NetSTAR constantly works to improve the immediacy and accuracy of coverage for its URL database and core inCompasstechnologies that identify diversified internet content sources and create a comprehensive URL categorization and web security service.“Accurate URL categorization remains a core strength of NetSTAR, and we are in a unique position to provide our OEM partners a robust URL filtering service.” stated Akira Nakayama, Executive Director of International Business for NetSTAR. “We are excited to continue to innovate and develop marketing leading solutions for our partners and their customers.”

URL database security benefits include minimal resource requirements, virtually no latency, active protection, and full utilization of the inCompass technology, which can include sophisticated cloud or locally based policy management features, full maintenance and support, and frequent updates from NetSTAR for all OEM partners. Learn more about inCompass technologies and why more OEMs choose to partner with us at http://inCompass.NetSTAR-inc.com.

About NetSTAR

NetSTAR’s specializes in the development of URL filtering software and services and in the collection and categorization of URL content. Recognized for high performance with low false positive rate, inCompass by NetSTAR technology is currently utilized by mobile phone operators, large enterprise appliances, and multinational service providers where it is integrated into SMB appliances, deployed in consumer products, and is a back bone that many software developers can rely upon for URL filtering and broad ranging categorization applications. For more information please visit http://inCompass.NetSTAR-inc.com.

About SecureBrain

SecureBrain is a Japan-based security software and services specialist providing security against increasingly diverse internet-born threats, and our mission is to “contribute to the create of a secure and safe network society by providing advanced technology”, which we achieve by providing highly reliable security information and high-quality security products and services. To protect internet users against virus infections from illegal websites, we provide a free website service called “Check it with gred” that checks the safety of other websites. We also provide broad security solutions at http://www.securebrain.co.jp.

# # #

NetSTAR and inCompass are registered trademarks of NetSTAR, Inc. Other products and company names are the registered trademarks of their respective companies.

1840 Gateway Drive, Suite 200
San Mateo, California 94404
Tele: +1-650-277-3870


Discover The Ultimate In Sunless Tanning Products From Sun Laboratories

After a long, cold winter, summer is here again, meaning it is time to get out and enjoy the warmth, sun and all of the fun opportunities available in the warm weather and glorious sunshine. What this means for many people, is it is time to start tanning, to get that beautiful, golden glow for your skin. Instead of going to a salon for tanning bed sessions that are expensive and causing your skin extreme damage by tanning the sun, prevent that damage from occurring with the most extraordinary Sunless Tanning lotions available from Sun Laboratories.

The problem is, tanning beds and the sun all have UV rays, which can cause damage to your skin, including wrinkles, sunspots, age spots and cancer. So, if you want to get a beautiful, glorious tan, but do not want to harm your body or your skin, discover the best self-tanning lotions available on the market today, by visiting www.Sunlabsonline.com. These sunless tanning lotions are truly innovative and the technology and knowledge available on how these lotions function has drastically improved from the days of orange, streaky, sunless tanners.

Instead of having to worry about improper application of that hideous pumpkin color, you can enjoy a sun-kissed tan all over your body, and an extremely low price and 100% safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun or a tanning bed. This is the highest quality, all-natural sunless tanning lotions available from Sun Laboratories, online at www.Sunlabsonline.com, and in many salons. With so many different systems available, when it comes to selecting your sunless tanning lotion, you can opt for the best one for you and your skin, regardless of the color tan you want.

To begin with, you will want to start with the luxurious exfoliating cream, which gently and naturally washes away all the dead skin cells on your body, so it is ready to showcase the beauty of your body and your sunless tanner. With this extensive addition of moisturizers, the self-tanning lotion can be applied any time, anywhere; you never have to worry about it streaking or rubbing off onto your clothing, bedding or towels. In addition to these excellent benefits, the sunless tanning lotions are not only a superior alternative to sunbathing, but can be used in conjunction with your tanning beds or sunbathing regimens if you still prefer these methods.

Adding a sunless tanner to your tanning regimen can help ease some of the stress that your skin endures from UV rays, and you can also take advantage of a self tanning lotion that ensures your skin’s moisture is preserved, all while darkening it at the same time. Although you have your body cover, you will still want to take care of the extremely sensitive skin on your face. You can also find Sunless Tanning lotions available that are specifically created for your sensitive facial skin, which will not only provide you with a stunning tan, but also help reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles and shrink your pores. For more information on this extraordinary line of sunless tanner, visit Sun Laboratories online at www.Sunlabsonline.com, or call them any time, toll-free at 800-333-6003.


Naked Waiters for Your Cheeky Experience

Are you tired of the usual party that is simply dull and unappealing? Then, make a switch today. Naked butler hire is the new party frill that can turn your day or night event, into something worth recalling. With Cheeky Butlers, you can get so much party fun whether you want to treat your girlfriends for a night out, a hen night, a sassy corporate function or to many VIP occasions.

Butler’s in the buff are witty and fun. They are waiters dressed only in bottom revealing aprons, as well as a collar, cuffs and a bow tie. So whether you require, a night that’s a bit hot, these gentlemen will keep your guests entertained with the sight of their sexy bum. On the other hand, if you like it a bit modest,  you can specifically request them to wear black trousers or a costume of your preference.

Additionally, these topless butlers are professionals in mixing cocktails, serving drinks, cooking and plating up food. They know how to provide your guests with a mouthful of gastronomic delights which is specifically intended to meet your strict food criteria. They also save you from the hassles of meeting and greeting each of your guests personally because they can do it on your behalf. They will politely welcome  and walk your guests through their respective tables.

Furthermore, more than being your party’s eye candies, these buff butlers are real skilful waiters, who can take your guests’ orders and serve them dishes in a very graceful manner. They also have a good sense of entertainment where they can spice up the party with their professional hosting skills. Most specifically in organising exciting games that will motivate every person to join in.

Hence, whether it’s a simple game of kiss and tell, to games of dares and thrills, these naked waiters never disappoint. They participate, mingle and play with your guests to get the mood started and going. Surely, no lady will consider herself bored, once a handsome guy with a sensuous body is sitting beside her. With that, your guests can absolutely enjoy an impeccable hosting service they will recall for the rest of the evening.

What’s more, even if you decide to party from dusk till dawn, you don’t need to worry about a thing. The butler in the buff, wash and tidy the place up after the event, so from start to finish, you simply relax and keep oneself out of anxiety. Absolutely, great isn’t it? So, if I were you, I would plan all my events without stress from now on and that’s with the help of a handsome waiter from Cheeky Butlers.


A Cheeky Party Idea

Do you want your last night as a single woman to become a night that you will remember forever? Then do it in style.  There are several ways to make that night a memorable one.   If you are the adventurous type and would like to cap you’re singlehood with a bang!  Hiring naked waiters are a way to go.   For most bridal showers, male strippers are common and even expected.   Why not go the extra mile and hire some topless butlers?  You will surely surprise your friends when they arrive at parties and are greeted by butlers in the buff.   It could make up for an exciting hen party. They are not only courteous and highly trained; they are an eye candy as well.  Now who wouldn’t want that in a party?  For the less conservative bride to be, this is a perfect choice.   Most service providers of buff butlers have a range of options.  For a more daring bachelorette party, they can provide naked waiters or bottom revealing aprons.  For the adventurous but less daring brides, they can opt for topless butlers with their pants on.   These butlers are rigorously screened and trained to serve and entertain.  So you can be assured of a courteous, professional and efficient service.

This type of butler service is not limited to hen parties alone.  They are for different types of parties.  Promotional events can benefit from this naughty party idea. For instance, they can have these super buff topless waiters mix and serve their cocktails.  Event organisers can be assured that their promotional event will be talked about for days.  Some people might think it is a good idea for a birthday party but proceed with caution.  Even though these mild mannered hunks can be the life of the party, not all people will appreciate butt-naked waiters walking around in parties.  Some old fashioned folks might frown upon this type of butler service.  This is not for the faint hearted and surely not for everybody.  Can you imagine your grandmother being greeted at the door by a butt-naked waiter?  I know I can’t.

There are several ways of making a party exciting.  Hiring those sexy hunks is just one of the options.  With a little research and ingenuity, you can surely come up with a great party idea that is appropriate for your personality type.  The party world is bursting with fresh ideas just within your finger tips.  All you have to do is do a little digging and you are in the right track to a great party.


Memorial Day Offer Gives Fast Forward Academy Students Free Membership to the National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP)

Fast Forward Academy and the National Society of Tax Professionals (NSTP) are giving tax professionals another reason to purchase Fast Forward’s Tax Preparer Course and RTRP Exam Study Guide with a free membership to the best tax society in the country.

NSTP offers its members valuable educational and professional development services. Members receive a multitude of benefits including discounts on tax resources; access to newsletters, the Tax Research Hotline, conferences, workshops, self-study courses and seminars; and other valuable information for registered tax preparers.

Fast Forward Academy is now partnering with NSTP to offer a Memorial Day special for tax professionals. Anyone who purchases Fast Forward Academy’s Tax Preparer Course and RTRP Exam Study Guide 2012 and Unlimited Practice Exams until June 30, 2012, will receive a free 2012 membership to NSTP.

Fast Forward Academy CEO, Rain Hughes says, “We’re thrilled that the National Society of Tax Professionals has partnered with Fast Forward Academy to offer those studying for the tax preparer exam more access to resources. The support that a NSTP membership includes is a natural fit with our tax preparer course and exam study guide, and any tax professional who takes advantage of all these resources will no doubt succeed.”

The tax preparer examination complete bundle offered through Fast Forward Academy includes the Tax Course and RTRP Exam Study Guide, 700 Q&A Test Bank, Unlimited Practice Exams, and 15 Hours of CPE, and costs $279.

Alternatively, registered tax preparers can also purchase one of two smaller bundles: The Tax Course and RTRP Exam Study Guide, Free Online Test Bank, Unlimited Practice Exams and 15 Hours of CPE for $239, or the Tax Course and RTRP Exam Study Guide, Free Online Test Bank and10 Hours of CPE for $129.

The 2012 NSTP membership offer applies to any of these three bundles purchased from Memorial day until June 30, 2012.

To find out more about how Fast Forward Academy can help you pass the RTRP exam, get tax preparer certification, and reap the benefits of the National Society of Tax Professionals please visit: http://fastforwardacademy.com/index-page-irs-paid-registered-tax-preparer.htm .


Dogologie Designs Announces Release of New Styles of Fashionable, Creative Dog Accessories

United States, May 31, 2012 – Dogologie Designs, is an eminent specialty Dog Accessory Boutique that is announcing the release of several new designs and styles of its designer dog collars accessories for dogs and their dog parents.

Dogologie Designs is one of the premiere stylish, designer dog boutiques which specialize in all aspects of the creation and sale of unique handmade designer dog collars and accessories for all dog breeds and sizes. This company has quickly become the fastest growing online dog boutique that provides high quality, yet reasonably-priced, designer dog collars! Dogologie Designs is the go to destination for dogs and dog parents that want something more unique and stylish for their dog accessories than the visually unappealing dog accessories that are normally offered by most retailers and manufacturers of traditional dog accessories. The company proves that dog accessories do not need to be boring to provide comfort and security to dogs and their dog parents. The company breaks free of the limited designs and materials that are found in the product lines of dog collars and leashes on offer by other retailers and manufacturers.  Known for their high craftsmanship, fashion appeal, and quality materials, the company has raised the bar again for providing beautifully detailed dog accessories with its new product line.

The product lines of this specialty dog boutique includes dog collars, leashes, and add on accessories such as flowers, that are available in a wide variety of colors, textures, prints, designs and customizations to ensure that Dogs and their Dog parents are always comfortable, safe and stylish when wearing their custom, handmade dog apparel. In the past, two of their most popular and glamorous custom dog collars include the company’s Martingale and Pink line of Dog Collars, with prices ranging from $10.95 to $29.95. While these popular designs have helped to make the company a success, the company is not resting on its laurels but continues to push the envelope and produce innovative cutting edge designs for its dog accessories. New designs include collars and leashes with floral and flower motifs such as the Modern Flowers Martingale 1.5″ Pink Dog Collar, as well as other innovative and exciting designs, including the new top selling Birthday Pink Cup Cake 1” Dog Collar, the I Love You This Much Custom 1” Dog Collar and many more! By constantly updating their product offerings with intriguing, fashionable and gorgeous new dog accessories the company is certain to remain the number one store for fashion conscious dogs and their owners!

The company’s exceptional designer dog collars and phenomenal customer service continue to garner accolades from its growing yet loyal customer base. While the company’s website lists several hundreds of testimonials from ecstatic customers, recent posts are typical of the feedback the company receives. As one recent satisfied customer stated online recently when she received her beautifully designed Minnie Mouse Dog Collar in custom Pink Black White Polka Dots, “I love this collar its unique and great quality. Also great customer service.” Other customers are typical of the one who recently ordered the Unique Dog Collar Bunting Flags and had this to say about her ordering experience, “SO INSANELY CUTE! I love it!” Still other customers order add ons, such as bows or flowers and often say things like this recent customer, “This little bow is beyond fab! I want one in every color! I can’t wait to put this on Lulu…pics coming soon!” Whether a customer is ordering a dog collar, add-on or leash, all customers seem to be more than satisfied and thrilled with their purchases!

To find out more about the assorted, beautiful, and exceptional dog collars, dog leashes, and other designer dog accessories offered by this dog boutique, please visit the company’s website at http://www.dogologiedesigns.com.

About Dogologie Designs

Dogologie Designs is a specialty dog boutique that was founded by Lauren Schmitt. This dog boutique creates and offers designer dog collars, dog leashes and other dog accessories that are handmade in California. While the company’s product line is stylish and unique, its prices are very affordable, especially in comparison to the quality and workmanship that goes into every dog accessory. New products are often developed and added to the product line to ensure that dogs and their owners remain fashionable.

Contact Information:
Dogologie Designs
Lauren Schmitt
Aliso Viejo, CA

# # #


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How To remain Uninstall “Silverlight” By the PC If you tried to spread out a Microsoft Silverlight Project or any other Silverlight Tools from Functional Studio and you really are having proble ms as a result of corrupt or the missing information, the approaches to handle this situation is youngster should be uninstall Silverlight completely after that re-install brand-new version of Silverlight.

microsoft office visio premium 2010 product key


Find Beach Hotels And Resorts To Discover Your Dream Vacation Destination

When you are ready to take your next vacation, you need to check out the new website that is available, to help you find the perfect Beach Hotels and Beach Resorts around the world. That website is www.bydabeach.com, and they can show you an extensive number of hotels, resorts, spas and many more around the world, along with all of the offerings available for each one. One of the spectacular beach resorts that is highlighted on this website is the Marinaterra Hotel and spa located in San Carlos Bay.

This spectacular beach vacation spot is nestled between Mexico’s largest natural Marina and to Tetakawi Hill, and boasts a four-star accommodations package. With spectacular views, innumerable activities and comfort at the forefront, this is a spectacular vacation waiting for you. You can also discover the Moon Palace in Cancun, which is a stunning, all-inclusive resort that proudly showcases its five-star rating, with beautiful poolside relaxation, stunning views and much more.

Bydabeach.com provides more than just a listing for beach resorts; you can also take advantage of the amenities and opportunities available at Caesars Atlantic City. With incredible service, spectacular casino and extraordinary spot, this is truly a vacation spot for everyone, not too far from home. For a vacation spot that is a little more family oriented, you may want to consider Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Cocoa Beach is a smaller beach town, within a short driving distance of the many popular attractions throughout Central Florida, such as Epcot Center. This is an excellent opportunity for families that want to visit Disney World, or discover the beauty that is Florida. With aviaries, museums, endless natural wonders and much more, this is truly a vacation destination for everyone, young or old.

You may also want to consider an island getaway, and discover the stunning beauty and uniqueness that is Maui. Maui is a romantic getaway, but also provides extensive opportunities for families as well. The Wailea Beach Marriott is a stunning hotel that has the capacity to accommodate every need, want or desire. With innumerable amenities, staying here will truly be a vacation to remember forever.

Perhaps one of the most spectacular beach destinations available today, is Boracay beach. Located in the Philippines, Boracay offers the most stunning landscape, beautiful scenery and luxurious tropical environments, to allow for the ultimate in relaxation and recharge. It offers the ultimate in stress free vacationing, relaxation, amenities that are simply unsurpassed, and so much more.

For the ultimate in gambling experiences, instead of going to Las Vegas, you may want to consider visiting the Trump Taj Mahal Casino instead. With grand suites, spectacular views of the Jersey shore and luxurious accommodations, this hotel is truly spectacular. It offers the most extraordinary opportunities for nightlife, stunning landscape, and world-class gaming that you will simply not be able to find anywhere else. No matter what you are looking for when it comes to vacationing, whether a romantic getaway or something for the whole family, check out www.bydabeach.com first, because they are truly the ultimate destination guide for beach resorts, vacations, hotel and beach reviews, beach products and so much more, all on one website.


Next Day Bad Credit Loans – Includes A Simple Process for Applying

Few times in one’s life almost everyone has experienced in one’s life the financial slump. The fiscal urgencies will bring the individual down on their knees. In ones life fiscal urgencies are the one which make them to fall beyond the expected lines. Hence to deal with these upon effective term and condition the next day bad credit loans has been introduced. This is being considered in this one can avail money up to £1500.This help in solving immediate cash problems.

It is an unsecured form of credit where individual do not have to take any tension of arranging any security for submission with lender against money. It is short term in nature where individual can get amount up to £1500 with which they can pay off their small requirements of cash like paying off their house rent, paying their school fees, tuition fees, and so on. People with bad credit records due to bankruptcy, delays, arrears, late payments can apply for it without any difficulty. With the help of the money the bad credit holders can improve their bad credit history and come out of their financial woes.

The interest charge on it is higher for which it is good for people to return amount borrowed by them in right time to lender. In case one became incapable to repay amount borrowed by them they can ask for expansion of the repayment period but with paying some amount of next day payday loans no credit check to them as penalty. Money availed in this is free of any restriction regarding its use as individual borrowing it can use it as per their requirements.

The online facility of the next day bad credit loans has helped a lot to the people. With the help of this people at time of the emergency within no fraction of second they can apply for it and obtain money to solve various problems of the people. In this people do not have to indulge them in the hectic problem of faxing of documents and hectic paper works which will create a lot of problem for them. A very simple process is included while applying that includes a simple file of a form which is available to them as they login into any of the website of the lender. In that application form they have to write their name, age, employment details after which they have to submit it to the lender for approval. After the completion of the process within no time money is being transferred to that of the applicants account.

Carl Freddie is financial adviser of Next Day Payday Loans Bad Credit. Please here to know more about next day bad credit loans , next day payday loans no credit check and Cash Loans till Next Payday

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