Wormhole Web Conference – A Fast, Easy and Affordable Web Conferencing Platform Free for 15 Days

San José, CA ( Freeukpressrelease ) March 31, 2012 – Wormhole Web Conference, a fully-featured conference web platform developed by the Argentine firm Wormhole IT (WWC) is now available for a free 15-days trial period. Wormhole Web Conference not just supports videoconferencia, but offers a wide range of functionality including multiple video and audio streaming, ability to share audio, video and much more.

“Around 75% enterprises will make use of videoconferencias by 2013”, according to a recent statistics

“Video conferencias have gained recognition in a wide range of educational and business sectors due to its time and money saving benefits. When it’s up to webinar, it is important to pick the right conference web platform to make the web conferencing session more interactive and comfortable. Our latest Wormhole Web Conference allows participants to communicate, receive training and broadcast live events in time. Our Wormhole IT Company has also received awards from international entities and companies including Microsoft for its video conferencias and internet education platforms. Now, you can even test the performance of the fully-featured conference web platform free for 15 days trail period”, says a spokesperson for Wormhole IT.

Wormhole IT’s web conferencing platform has a wide range of features that lets professionals to hold meetings, scholars to broadcast live events, HR consultors to interview candidates online and more. Wormhole Web Conference (WWC) allows professionals to share their screen live with everyone at the meeting room, records the session for future reference and to make use of access code for privacy purposes.

It also lets the user to share audio, video, virtual whiteboard and documents with ease. Wormhole IT offers three different types of WCC for a wide range of functions. Its WCC Webcast is specifically designed for webinars and event broadcasting, while WCC Train is developed for training and presentations and WCC Meet is designed for face to face meeting and collaboration.

“You might not have to download or install our Wormhole Web Conference platform which needs just a broad connection and web browser to start its operation. Our latest version has many updated features that lets you to test and change webcams and microphones, improve overall quality and processing time of recordings”, adds the spokesperson.

About Wormhole Web Conference:

Wormhole Web Conference is a fully-featured conference web platform that has simplified and enhanced the videoconferencia with its advanced features.

For more details, log on to: http://www.webconf.me