Top 13 Excuses Not to Exercise

Cape May Point, NJ, United States of America: Some of the excuses on this list (from menshealth.com) are pretty are pretty lame but I think you get the idea. It is easy to make excuses not to exercise, but if self-motivation is a problem then give 4everfit Personal Fitness Training Studio a try. 4everfit is a local North New Jersey Personal Fitness Training studio. We help our clients to develop a personal fitness plan that is customized to help them achieve their personal goals. We are certain that once you start training with a certified personal fitness trainer you will stop making excuses and start to see a change in yourself (both mentally and physically) that you will love! Contact us(201) 788-2833to schedule a free session today!

  1. I feel like it is too cold in the winter. Going for a walk at 10 below zero could possibly damage my lungs
  2. Summertime is too hot! Going for a walk in such high temperatures and humidity could cause me to have a heart attack.
  3. In extreme conditions I would go to the gym, except there is no gym located nearby. I want to go GREEN and conserve gas so I can help protect the planet.
  4. I want to form an Ice Hockey team with my friends from the senior center. However, it is becoming impossible because I can’t get my friends to show any enthusiasm.
  5. I had exercise equipment that I would use, but I thought that donating my equipment to those in need was more important. No sacrifice is to great.
  6. I would go for bike rides but the tires on my bike are flat.
  7. I would play tennis except my tennis racquet is out dated and I don’t have a tennis-court.
  8. Gardening would be a great way to exercise the only problem is the Black Flies take hunks out of my skin that could become infected and never heal, mosquitoes carry encephalitis and West Nile Fever, and ticks carry Lyme disease
  9. I would go swimming but I feel it would be a form of cruel and unusual punishment to expose the public to my unclothed body.
  10. I would consider using the stair-stepper that used to be on my front porch, but I figured lifting it into my pick-up, getting it back out again, and lugging it onto the porch was enough exercise for one year.
  11. I would gladly sacrifice happy hour to lift weights, but I am pretty sure the dog ate the instruction manual or I am sure he would have if I owned a dog
  12. I wanted to exercise earlier, but I took a bath and put clean clothes on, I would hate to get them sweaty and dirty from working out.
  13. I was thinking about going for a long, slow walk, which wouldn’t cause me to sweat, but I read an article saying it essential for your health to get sufficient sleep, so I will probably take a nap instead.

All these excuses are pretty lame, some are worse than others. If you want to achieve your personal fitness goals you need to stop making excuses! For many, hiring a personal fitness trainer to help them develop a comprehensive personal fitness plan and stick to it is a vital part of achieving the healthy lifestyle everyone deserves. Call Jeanine Rossi from 4everfit and schedule your first FREE session today! (201) 788-2833

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