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500 Summer Street, Suite 307, Stamford : For a professional photographer or just another amateur photography enthusiast, Kaizen Camera presents a unique experience. With some dedicated and committed work in the field of digital photo retouching, Kaizen Camera is now a known entity for those looking for quality photo editing. The immense expertise and experience that this brand brings to the table is second to none among the providers of online photo retouching services. The core team here is made up of professionals who are veterans in their domain. Their knowledge, coupled with their skills, make the experts at Kaizen much sought after.

The qualities that build up the Kaizen Camera brand revolves around their client service techniques. Kaizen is always looking at different ways to improve their interaction with the users. The technicians are working constantly to make the website and its modules more user-friendly. The professionals working on the photo retouching team can make use of platforms for direct manual connection with the users. The response time of the photo editing team at Kaizen is always improving with each passing day.

Photography lovers do not need to wait long for their photos to be retouched. They will get prompt service from Kaizen Camera. The price tags of Kaizen Camera are another aspect that its patrons love to flaunt. To provide the kind of photo retouching service that it does, Kaizen maintains a strict price structure to make photo editing available to all netizens. You no longer have to run up huge bills to get your photos retouched by top notch experts. At Kaizen, these experts will work on your photos and improve their visual appeal at unbeatable prices. In fact, the price tags at Kaizen are something that users love and competitors envy.

No discussion on Kaizen Camera is complete without throwing some light on the way ahead. Kaizen is coming up with newsletters that will contain industry news and updates on photo retouching services. They will also contain tips and tricks from renowned experts at Kaizen. This newsletter section will work on a strict opt-in basis. You will have to subscribe to them through the Kaizen Camera website. In continuation of its service to the Photography Community, Kaizen Camera also has plans to introduce a GeoIP enabled World Photographers’ directory. This directory, on one hand, will allow internet users, all across the world, find their nearest photographer(s), and on the other hand, will allow photographers listed on the directory find additional business. This directory is scheduled to be launched in July 2012.

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Company name : Kaizen Technologies Inc.
Cantact Person : Kaizen Camera
Email : kaizencamera@gmail.com
500 Summer Street, Suite 307, Stamford, CT 06901
Tel.: (203) 353-9280 Ext. 12
Fax: (203) 353-9226
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