Quit Smoking Pills: To Goodbye Habit of Smoking

It is now beyond any one’s question that smoking is injurious to health. It has also been accepted that, for the smokers, it is not easy to quit the habit of smoking. Quit smoking pills have already crowded the selves of the departmental stores or sales counters. It has not been universally accepted that medication has produced favorable result in helping people quit smoking. There is every possibility of a factor unnoticed so far, even if it is found that some smokers have left smoking through consumption of medicines. The factor is a mental process of achieving preparedness which remains active while medicines are taken by the smokers for the purpose of quitting their habit of smoking. Smoking is a behavioral design developed through practices and change in this design is probably the best answer.

Despite what has been said above, claim of some people on the use of anti-smoking medicines should not be ignored. It is said that quit smoking pills minimizes demand for smoking in the mind of the users and enhances possibilities to refuge smoking with passage of days. People campaigning for quit smoking pills are of the view that nicotine withdrawal symptoms (anxiety, impatience, cravings, restlessness etc for example) are eased when these medicines are charged.

People who want to go for quit smoking pills should have thorough discussion with their personal physicians or with such physicians who have experience in guiding the users of anti-smoking drugs. Generally, physicians do not prescribe these medicines. People must read details of the precautions that are advised to take before or while taking these medicines. Why it is so can be understood if it is learned how some of the quit smoking pills do cause havoc sometimes at least.

Zyban (Bupropion originally) is one of the quick smoking pills. There is no nicotine in Zyban. Chemicals that they contain work on the brain and reduce cravings for nicotine. This drug has been found counter-productive as report comes from Canada. Consumers, sometimes, pass through feelings of self-destructing desire and feelings of anxiety and hostility, it has been found. Zyban is highly risky for the patients of seizures. There are many other side effects that may be noticed when this anti-depressant drug is taken.

Champix is the brand name of Varenicline tartrate and Champix is also sold in the market as one of the quit smoking pills. Side effects of this medicine are not fewer. This medicine is so frightening for the cardiac patients that people having minimum problem in the heart are asked not to drive a vehicle when they consume Champix.

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