Quantum RDX System is the Answer to the Rigorous Demands of SMB Data Backups

Nowadays, the business enterprises have to provide clients and stake-holders fast access to their diverse corporate data round-the-clock. Therefore, you have to improve the data security and backup your data. This is also essential for the stiff data retention laws (HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley) as well as the organizational sustainability. Ever-increasing volumes of operational data, E-mails, customer information and increased infrastructure complexity have business enterprises clamoring for simple, space efficient and intelligent backup solutions.

Quantum, the global manufacturer of backup devices, has engineered an intelligent RDX disk system for the evolving demands of small-sized organizations and branch offices. RDX backup system combines the robustness, low operating cost and massive storage capacity of tape-based solution with the fast random access and higher operational efficiency of disk technology. Quantum RDX cartridge is durable, precision-engineered, portable and can be safely transported off-site. So the Quantum RDX customers won’t have to worry about data integrity because the cartridges can tolerate harsh conditions and mechanical shocks.

Good news is that the RDX disks offer a broad range of capacity that helps customers choose the ideal disk model for their business. MR100-A01A RDX disk stores 1.0 TB data, whereas the manufacturer part number of 500GB removable cartridge is MR050-A01A. Just like the RDX disk models, Quantum has also designed an exceptional range of dock stations to provide a smart solution to the various customer needs. The USB and SATA dock stations are user-friendly, extremely fast and allow seamless connectivity.

The RDX disk cartridges perform excellently with both these dock station models, and deliver high backup speed up to 45Mbps (with SATA dock station). Data transfer speed of RDX USB dock station reaches 25Mbps. Quantum’s backup media portfolio can be matched by only few companies. Therefore, there is an ideal backup system for every low-end to the large enterprise. Some of the popular tapes developed by Quantum are LTO-5 tape, DDS-2 tape, DAT-320 tape, SDLT2 tape, LTO4 tape and DLT-IV tape.

Quantum RDX system brings to you the advantageous backup software, called the “GoProtect”, that provides the luxury of data deduplication and improves the performance with fewer RDX disks. GoProtect software increases the number of data restore points as well as the backup datasets. This intelligent approach enables faster restores, simplifies media management and accelerates the backup operations. Increased durability of Quantum RDX disks allows the users to exchange their sensitive data inside and outside their company, without risking data loss. In addition, the ability to drag/drop the data files simplifies the daily routine backup tasks and also accelerates the restores as well.

Durability of the RDX disks has been tested through harsh tests in which they were dropped onto the floor from a 3-meter height. The results were amazing as they reliably recorded and restored the data with consistency. Users can count on Quantum RDX disks for long term data archiving because their shelf life reaches up to 30 years. Quantum RDX solution secures the small data centers and branch office with supreme reliability that the I.T managers can count on!

Rob Miller is the Marketing Manager of Tape4backup and markets Quantum RDX cartridges and MR050-A01A. He has vast experience in the marketing and trading industries and has been helping buyers who have the backup needs and guide clients about the technology.

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