Looking for a permaculture design? Check out Commoncircle.com

Beaverton, OR (April, 2012) – Commoncircle.com undoubtedly is the best when it comes to permaculture. They are the nation’s leadership, sustainable living plus permaculture school. They reconnect people with nature; remembering the collective heritage, creating a beautiful thriving future, rooted in community plus sustainability. This website is surely a bonus for all those people who are looking for a permaculture design.

Commoncircle.com definitely has a great deal of know-how when it comes to permaculture. They get a great diversity of clients on their courses; from doctors, activists, students, lawyers, retirees to kids. The common thread is that everybody comes looking to learn about sustainability plus seeking community and an incredible community does form on nearly every course they run, with life-long friendships often resulting. Commoncircle.com openly welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds in their programs. They do ask that minors be accompanied by parents or guardians. They fully welcome and embrace participants irrespective of their political, religious or social views; this diversity of viewpoints is what helps them to create the richness of dialogue in each program. They do not seek to agree but rather believe that a diversity of viewpoints is absolutely essential for creating a beautiful, thriving and sane world. This website offers two kinds of courses: bike tours and non-cycling workshops. It is vital to note that they are an educational institution rather than a vacation company and you will definitely learn a ton on any program you join. All their programs are designed for all levels of experience and they particularly cater to beginners. There will almost certainly be somebody else in the group with your level of experience and expertise.

Client reviews featured on Commoncircle.com clearly portray their commitment to achieve excellence in everything they do. Alison D, graduate, sustainability in motion bicycle tour exclaims that “I did a bike tour with Common Circle Education. It was a really terrific experience. The reasonably-priced tour brought together a wonderful group of down-to-earth people. In addition to the bike ride along the breath-taking oregon coast, every day incorporated a service and an educational component which allowed us to get to know each other and meet many creative and courageous folks along the journey. The tour was well organized and led by a competent and compassionate team.”

As the nation’s leadership, sustainable living and permaculture school, Commoncircle.com changes people’s lives through their permaculture courses and bike tours. Now that’s really nice!!

About Commoncircle.com:

This website brought in by Common Circle Education leads the way when it comes to permaculture. If you want to learn about sustainability and you are seeking community then visit this website right away. I am sure they will work wonders for you. If you want to know more about them then please contact them at:

Address: 14525 SW Millikan Way, Suite 17760, Beaverton, OR
Zip code: 97005
Phone: 800-376-3775
E-mail: info@commoncircle.com