Everything About Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher

A carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is efficient in terms of extinguishing class B and C fires. Carbon dioxide, utilized since the extinguishing medium, is really a non corrosive and non conductive gasoline that doesnt assistance combustion.

At a larger stress, the gasoline is acquired in the ambiance at atmospheric strain after which compressed into liquid. The gasoline is then saved inside the fireplace extinguisher cylinder and other attachments set up to accomplish the assembly.

The greatest gain having a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is the fact that, it doesnt leave a harmful residue as in the case of chemical extinguishers.

Classes of fires that can be extinguished utilizing a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher:

Class B fires

Theyre fires that outcome from flammable gases or liquids this kind of as paint, petrol, grease, spirits and solvents and oil (Not for use on oil in deep fat fryers).

Class C fires

A results of electrical devices is what these type of fires all about. Examples of this sort of equipments are:

Circuit breakers.


Wiring and Electrical outlets.

Its because carbon dioxide gas utilized within the carbon dioxide fire extinguisher does not damage electrical and/or electronic devices this sort of as computer systems, DVD people and televisions.

A Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher doesnt work very nicely on class A fires simply because they may not have the opportunity to displace sufficient oxygen to put the hearth out, causing it to re-ignite.

Never utilize a Co2 hearth extinguisher in almost any confined space as this may be harmful; the degree of oxygen might go beneath the necessary stage and cause suffocation.

It is essential you preserve your carbon dioxide fire extinguisher to help keep it prepared to be used at any time and if your carbon dioxide fire extinguisher just isnt fit to use whatsoever occasions, youre at a substantial risk.

Your carbon dioxide fire extinguisher has to be serviced a minimum of once each year; furthermore, it is you have to visually examine your carbon dioxide fire extinguisher for just about any use or damage each month.

Again you have to also have your Co2 fireplace extinguisher strain tested each and every couple of a long time even if the devices has never been utilized. The principle aim from the pressure examination is always to verify regardless of whether the gas cylinder of your fireplace extinguisher continues to be in a place to become in a position to cope with containing the higher strain securely.

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Please note that when it comes to operating any type of fire extinguisher the user must have completed the correct training Visit Here