EU Offices around the World ‘Left Empty’ For Months

European Union diplomats around the world are facing calls that they should have their annual leave cut because of a claim that offices are being left “empty for many months of the year”.

In a document by MEP Ingeborg Graessle, she says that some officials can take up to 17-18 weeks off including overtime. The EU’s External Action Service says that it is trying to change a system inherited before it was created back in 2010.

However, EU officials have described as ‘ridiculous’ the idea that offices abroad are being left abandoned and untended. In the document, Dr Graessle complains that MEPs have been calling for some time that a change to staff regulations which provide work perks needs to be brought in; some of these regulations date back to the 1960s.

She also says that “substantial periods of absence from work are the norm” with all employees able to earn two extra days leave a month by doing overtime. As well as staff having their days off in the month there are also nine “office closing days” in many countries. Aslo, officials around the world such as South Sudan, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are allowed special leave, she says, far more than diplomats working for national governments such as Germany.

There’s probably a lot of furniture that is lying around in abandoned offices that has cost the EU lots of money and is just being wasted.

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