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Bethel park, PA ( Freeukpressrelease ) April 2, 2012 – Video games are everywhere. Every industrialized nation on the planet seems to have millions of video game players, ranging from the occasional player to the addict. The impact of video games on pop culture, from home recreation to major motion picture creation, is greater than anyone might have imagined just a few decades ago when they began to become popular. Now hundreds and hundreds of games are available for dozens of game systems, from standing arcade games to computer games and console games. Video game competitions are becoming major events, and video game companies are huge business. In fact, higher education has felt the impact of the gaming industry as well, leading to the creation of video game design programs in colleges across the United States.

Now video games have been around long enough, and amassed sufficient variety, that game collecting has become a major hobby for thousands, ranging from rare and vintage games to the latest imported technologies. So much is going on in the video game industry, and so much has already happened, that it seems almost impossible to stay on top of it all. That’s where dinkydana.com comes in. This site is dedicated to the serious game collector. The site is a multi-dimensional resource for players, collectors, and dealers of all kinds of video games, from the oldest to the newest, the most common and the hard to find. The general information that the site provides is highly valuable to players and collectors, and updated regularly. The articles posted include in-depth, balanced game reviews, advice about hardware maintenance and repair, history and development of games, and recommendations for video game stores and other shopping sources.

One of the most useful features of dinkydana.com is its information for collectors of vintage games. The site offers videos, articles, and other materials for viewers to get information about where to shop, how to make their selections, and how to get the best prices on a huge array of games. It even gives advice on how to organize and manage a video collection. A representative from dinkydana.com explained, “We simply set out to create a site that’s made for serious gamers, by serious gamers. We wanted to put everything we thought gamers needed and wanted into one site, making it easier than ever for them to buy and play the games they wanted, and hopefully to save money while doing it.”

In a time in which the sheer volume of video games has become almost overwhelming, sites like dinkydana.com are more likely to become increasingly important, serving to guide fans of both new and old games so that they can navigate through advertising hype and misinformation, finding exactly what they are looking for, saving money, and enjoying their devices and games more than ever.

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Dinkydana.com is dedicated to video game enthusiasts, especially those who are interested in vintage and collectable video games. The site provides a wealth of information about video game stores and other sources of games, prices for collectables, and game reviews. For more information, please visit dinkydana.com.