Christian Drug Rehab Florida offers assistance in getting drug treatment

Addiction to alcohol or drugs are a painful and destructive symptom of our times. Not everyone who drinks or takes drugs has an addiction but for those that become addicted problems of potentially life destroying magnitude easily start occurring. Becoming addicted to anything alters normal rational behavior and in many cases where the next shot is coming from often becomes more important than earning food for one’s family.

One of the other things about most addicted people is that they usually want to be free of “the monkey on their back”. No one likes being enslaved and if only they had the will power to say no then they could. But it is not easy. In fact recovering from an addiction is virtually impossible without a helping hand. Take the relatively mild addiction to cigarettes. Most smokers wish to quit or at least cut down and control their smoking to a couple on occasion. Many try and most fail. Some chew gum, others try patches, some go to support groups and most end up still smoking,

Quitting alcohol or opiates once they have their hooks in is at least 20 times harder. It follows therefore that getting free of an addiction needs a helping hand. The Christian Drug Rehab Florida offers such help. On its own it is not a drug treatment center but it is a group of caring Christian people who are committed to giving a friendly hand to any one suffering from an addiction who really wishes to become free again.

The Christian drug treatment Florida offers their time free of charge. The counsellors and staff are all qualified and offer their services voluntarily in order to assess the problem and treatment required and then will assist the person to get treatment at a suitable clinic which is affordable to them.

This is a major aspect of their program. Many addicts have destroyed their personal finances and alienated their families, are no longer employed and do not have medical insurance. Most of the top drug treatment clinics are commercial ventures which require payment for the treatment given.

The Christian drug rehabilitation Florida has contacts with many clinics who offer addiction treatment free of charge or at on a sliding scale depending on the ability of the patient to pay. They also will help their patients to apply for “scholarships” in the event of need. These free or low cost clinics do not offer inferior treatment at all and the methods used are state of the art.

In order to qualify to join the Christian drug rehab Florida all the patient has to do is to really commit to getting clear of the addiction. It does require courage because there will undoubtedly be periods of anguish and withdrawal but with the caring help of the staff and the loving hand of the Almighty each patient can potentially get through and emerge from the clinics and the counselling free of the curse of an addiction.

These are the first steps on the road to recovery, Wanting to be free and asking for help.