What Everybody Ought to Know About iPad 4?

iPad 3 is newly released and the rumor that the iPhone 5 will be released in this summer,2012. As the large amounts of app functions for people, people begin to pay more and more attention on apple series. Now there are some people begin to expect of the iPad 4. And there are really some rumors of iPad 4 you may want to know.

Apple’s next-generation device, which we’re assuming is probably also going to be called ‘the new iPad’, or ‘the new, new iPad’ or perhaps Apple will return to numbering its tablets and we’ll get an iPad 4. Here are the features of iPad 4.

1. Thinner, lighter, faster! The new iPad is (very) slightly thicker than the previous one (although not the original iPad) and (very) slightly heavier.  iPad 4 that would be as light as a Kindle and as thin as something thinner than an iPad 2, iPad 4 is faster than iPad 2.

2.More storage.The new iPad has a Retina display, providing the potential for pin-sharp graphics, like those on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, but over a much bigger area. iPad 4 are available in 128GB.

3.Thunderbolt support. iPad 4 with the high-speed I/O tech coming to iOS, providing compatibility with a new generation of peripherals. Adaptors could be released for legacy kit, further boosting Apple’s coffers.

4.Battery and charging improvements. An iPad 4 that lasts for a day on a single charge with Wireless charging. An iPad 4 that lasts for a day on a single charge? Wireless charging. Play some games or watch video and that figure will fall. There are some swf files which you can not play for it is not supported by iPads, you can convert swf to video with swf converter for mac.