Warrior Poet Releases Innovative Boys’ Christian Clothing, Perfect For All Ages

Cool boys Christian T-Shirts by Warrior Poet Clothier Are available on our website, www.warriorpoetClothier.com. To find out more, check our website, or e-mail us at info@warriorpoetClothier.com.

Warrior Poet is proud to announce their exceptional line of boys clothing that is not only affordable, stylish but has true meaning within it. Warrior Poet Clothier has an exciting and creative line of boys’ fashion that exudes chivalry, strength and imagination, in the 17 designer shirts available for spring/summer 2012. Available at www.warriorpoetclothier.com, you can find sizes available from 2T to large youth, perfect for every young man in your family.

Warrior Poet was derived from the renowned commentary of history, as well as the strengths in our name. All of our designs are a play on words, as an example, the word “warrior” is showcased on the back of a high-quality gray T-shirt that says, “What if we all lived like heroes?”, while on the back is an armored shield. A high-quality gray T-shirt highlights “poet” as well, except this one has a guitar strap with stars on the front of it, and the body of the guitar with the style of the American flag on the back, signifying a modern poet.

Thus a new line of boys’ Christian clothing was born, Warrior Poet. From Knights in the days of yore, to the power, beauty and intrigue of his sword, people are drawn to the Knight; with Warrior Poet, people will be drawn to your young men. At the core of every boy growing up to be a strong man, is a deep need to love with all his being and protect his world and his family. Although pop culture claims, “you’re either a lover or a fighter”, Warrior Poet says, “BE BOTH!”

The founder and president of Warrior Poet Clothier, Tori Young, is insistent upon only the highest quality materials being used in the construction of the Boys Christian Clothing on offer for spring/summer 2012. The same standards of quality will continue as the Warrior Poet line expands. Tori proudly stated, “We are building armor with a flair for the next generation of men, telling them to go farther, dream bigger and look good doing it!”
Warrior Poet has received some outstanding reviews, such as this one from Amanda Seidel, CEO and artist at kidzies.com: “Kidzies was beside Warrior Poet at The KIDShow in Vegas. Not only are the clothes awesome, the owners are amazing people of character! I am delighted to see them highlighted in The Giggle Guide!” A feature in Earnshaw’s also stated, “For style Sir Lancelot would love, look no further than Warrior Poet Clothier.”

There is a large void in the boys clothing industry, and we address it with cool, affordable boys’ Christian clothing, with a deep-seated message ideal for every young man, of every age. The Warrior Poet story is one where “old world quality” meets “pop culture”, providing fresh, catchy and meaningful clothing for young men of all ages. To find out more about how you can find Warrior Poet clothing for all of the young men in your life, check out our website at www.mywarriorpoet.com. We also encourage you to contact us via e-mail at info@warriorpoetclothier.com, or contact our founder and president at toriyoung55@Gmail.com.

Check out our innovative and exciting line of Boys Christian Clothing on our website. Discover the true Warrior Poet in every young man in your life, with our innovative line of boys clothing.