SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA,MARCH 28, 2012: TxtMyBus is the latest iPhone application for busy bodies who take the bus in Sydney, Australia. This application is designed to help rides be more efficient with their time and on time for bus arrivals and departures. The TxtMyBus application allows the user to determine what time a specific bus is going to be arriving or departing from a location. The system uses real-time alerts for optimal accuracy and GPS to determine which bus stops are located closest to the user.

One thing that can be said about public transportation in any major city is that it is unpredictable. The transit authorities work diligently to provide accurate arrival and departure times for their buses but cannot account for traffic, accidents or other events that may delay or speed up the schedule. With the use of TxtMyBus, Sydney residents can enjoy accurate time schedules when they need it most. The program is easy to use and involves a simple text message to the NSW State Transit TXT BUS Service to determine your bus location and the speed at which it is moving towards the users current location.

The TxtMyBus application is quickly becoming the best choice for riders throughout the city. It allows everyone to avoid delays and therefore decreases the number of missed appointments and meetings. This application is essential for anyone who wants to be sure they are not wasting time waiting for a bus that has already passed. The GPS feature helps riders identify bus stops that are nearby quickly and easily. This feature is useful for anyone exploring Sydney for the first time or who is in an area they are unfamiliar with. TxtMyBus also offers a bookmark feature which allows users to store the most used bus stops for their travels which makes locating and determining arrival and departure times quick and easy. It also allows users to interact with other users by leaving comments and sharing capability to Facebook and Twitter users.

Users can view the TxT My Sydney Buses Demo Video on Youtube.com. TxtMyBus is available in TxT My Sydney Buses Lite and TxT My Sydney Buses Pro.