The New Application on Iphone/ipad Helps You Make Decisions.

When you in the dilemmas, what will you do? Asking others for help or just escaping? Now, you can use the new iphone application “Draw Lots”, an application which can help you make a decision.

How does this “Draw Lots” work?

It is very simple: Add different pictures for different results. And the app will help you to choose a result. For example, when you and your wife both do not want to do the dishes after dinner, you can you it to solve the problem. Set up your rule that is the one who is chosen to wash dishes. Then add your photos to the App and the chosen one will be showed on the app.

How to run the application?

First, Use the iphone take photos or add pictures from the album, the pictures will be appeared at the left of application Desktop. Then click “Done” at the bottom to go to the start page. At last, click “Start” to run the application. In minutes, it will stop and the Draw Lots will show who the lucky dog is.

Except using it to decide who to make a decision, you can also use it for entertainment when you have a party or in a bar (The one who is chosen to drink). So, I really recommend you the app and it is only $1.9.


Draw Lots Draw Lots Draw Lots