the karen millen one shoulderfirst presents

advocate thrifty, to put forward advice. Two fu large-scale, elaborate  karen millen dresses and fine and smooth, han da fu is the representative of the works and the later was affected.Art features are: (1) the narrative description, scattered rhyme alternate with, literary grace multicolored;(2) between the question and answer;(3) exaggerated description.Four, ZhaoYi “stab the disease evil fu”1, author introduction: ZhaoYi, his characters, birth year is unknown, at the end of the eastern han dynasty hanyang county west county (now gansu tianshui). Distinguishing burly, 9 feet long, the only disdainful, for XiangDang have champagne. Works and the solution champagne “, “the poor bird fu”, “the cursive hand”, “the report HuangFuGui book”, etc.2, theme”The thorn and the disease fu” severe expose and reviled in society at that time of black and white reverse, integrity, hard done evil conduct, and explore the social evils reasons, the author cynical performance, not wedded, adhere to the integrity of the karen millen sales distinctive attitudes and beliefs to the country’s deep anxiety, simultaneously also reveals the certain bemoan life is short, don’t stay ChengShiHe fatalism negative thoughts.3, art features: (1) intense, their poems;(2) the language is sharp, satire is strong;(3) fu poetry at the end of the big, open the later merge into apple precedent.4, the spurs the disease evil fu “in fu’s position in the development: (1) content in the western han dynasty beyond some borrow write things coming Irvin singing from sing praises, advised a mock the habit, turned to the lyrical speech ideal. (2) in style, change the subject of the medium for two swing, become elegant for popular, become implicative for direct. (3) in the form, passages are short, the sentence is choppy, rich change. The end with two big poem, opened in the southern and northern dynasties merge into apple precedent.Chapter 5 yuefu folk songsThe first quarter general yuefu creationA, the meaning of the originalPoems of the court to the feudal first music authority, le refers to music, mansion refers to authority, its duty is always creating, collects folk song, training and playing an actor and dance, or words to create the  karen millen one shoulderfirst presents, or words in the qin dynasty when it have already. The northern and southern